Suitsupply, the globe-spanning European brand renowned for its focus on expertly crafted men’s tailoring, is made its landfall in one of the world’s newest and brightest crossroads. Its location in Dubai, opened on February 1st with franchise partners Dual Investments at the helm, is just the latest in Suitsupply’s efforts to bring top-tier tailoring to all corners of the planet.


Suitsupply’s UAE’s flagship store is now situated in Building 11 City Walk 2, a brand-new residential and retail concept for Dubai that combines all of life’s upscale necessities into a single complex where people can eat, drink, shop, and sleep. The 3,100 square foot store is fronted by a contemporary façade of glass and artfully welded steel, while the interior is a burst of vibrant colour. The muted wooden floors and playful furnishings are the perfect intersection between Dubai’s contemporary aesthetic and Suitsupply’s trademark blend of contemporary style and classic inspirations. And on the shelves, the store offers all the classic Suitsupply accoutrements: a full collection of both made-to-measure and ready-to-wear suits, accessories and casual styles, a dedicated eveningwear area, and most uniquely, an on-site tailor for on-demand alterations—done while customers wait, allowing everyone to leave with the perfect fit.



Suitsupply began in Europe in 2000. In an industry where fast fashion dominates and craftsmanship is fast disappearing, Suitsupply introduces a better option: one where no attention to detail or quality is ever spared. They have received widespread accolade from the likes of GQ, Esquire, and, perhaps most notably, a Wall Street Journal blind test that rated a $600 Suitsupply suit in a first-place tie with a $3,600 Armani.

Suitsupply has  grown  to  70  international  stores  in  cities  such  as  Milan,  London,  Zurich,  Amsterdam,  New  York, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong and, in addition to their expanding brick-and-mortar locations, maintains a strong online presence, as well. And with its first location in the United Arab Emirates, Suitsupply hopes to make its mark in the premiere hub of the Middle East, and bring its high-quality tailoring and personal service to a new cadre of customers with taste to spare.



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