femi9 announces celebrity collaboration with Nadine Nassib Njeim New collection ‘selectedbynadine’ chosen and curated by Nadine

 January, 2017 – Contemporary ready-to-wear brand femi9, owned and managed by a leading fashion design house in the Middle East, FAD International, has announced its celebrity collaboration with renowned celebrity, Nadine Nassib Njeim – previously crowned Miss Lebanon (2004). To mark the newly appointed brand ambassador, femi9  unveils a new collection aptly titled ‘selectedbynadine’ to its customers, VIP guests and members of the press. 


The special collection ‘selectedbynadine’ is chosen and carefully curated by Nadine, and embodies the elegant Arabian essence and femininity of femi9.  It is inspired by distinctive themes: the fancy fiesta of the Mediterranean and the retro-inspired space glamour. With timeless charm each style conveys a unique statement of femininity. Red, black and white are the most dominant colours. Styles are feminine in a modern and minimalistic way. 


 “We are delighted to partner with Nadine Nassib Njeim, a style icon of the region, with her unique sense of fashion and keen eye for trends,” said Yousra Elwi, Marketing Manager, FAD International Ltd. Co. “Whether it’s a Mediterranean boho-chic demeanor or a neonomad practicality from Arabia, femi9 aims to deliver elegant everyday wear that empowers and celebrates women. We looking forward to unveiling Nadine’s interpretation of femi9’s sensibility and distinctive styles.”


Talking about her partnership with femi9, Nadine comments: “I am thrilled to announce my brand ambassadorship with femi9; there is a perfect fit between me and the femi9 woman.  femi9 is like my ideal wardrobe as it caters to the dynamism of my life –and the various roles I take on a daily basis: a mother, an actress and a woman, who just loves fashion”, said Nadine Nassib Njeim. 


        Focused on enhancing the ready-to-wear fashion world and providing women with an alternative to mass brands, the Middle Eastern fashion brand was first established in the Red Sea coastal city, Jeddah.


“We have grown remarkably in the last decade, driving the femi9 success with international operations in markets such as UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria and Switzerland. Looking towards the future, we are dedicated to large-scale regional expansion, supported by our knowledge of consumer understanding and advanced operational management,” said Eyad Mashat, CEO, FAD International Ltd. Co.

The vibrant femi9 design team comprises of innovative, multicultural and creative individuals, all seeking to cater to women globally and offer the ultimate feminine fashion experience. Collections are inspired by international trends and selectively adapted for culture and femininity relevance.


 Al-Mashat – A family with trading heritage

With an entrepreneurial outlook, Al-Mashat family entered the fashion market in 1963 with a small ladies garment shop in their hometown Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Over the decades the small family business evolved to become one of the most prominent Middle Eastern fashion houses in the new century. Dedication and commitment mark the path of Al-Mashat, empowering the family to achieve many milestones on their way.  Eyad Mashat continued his family legacy and embraces the vision to grow the locally renowned fashion chain to an international brand of Arabic prestige. 

Established with the launch of femi9, Fad International began its operations as a holding company from its head office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The company launched two trending fashion brands, femi9 and Vivid Flair London, with more than 50 stores across three continents by 2013. The company’s approach to fashion entails creativity, innovation and uniqueness.
















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