Logma Restaurant – Box Park Dubai

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Box Park Dubai is home to many eateries serving various cuisines. These days are perfect to stroll alongside the beautiful walkway of Box Park and select a restaurant of your choice. Logma restaurant is one of those, located in Box Park, Logma serves some truly delicious & authentic Khaleeji dishes with options of both veg & non-veg.They have an impressive Arabic themed décor with hanging traditional lanterns, & symbols depicting Emirati culture like camel & palm tree. Restaurant was packed from inside as well as outside with customers in love with Emirati food with a modern twist.
We had a sumptuous dinner last week. The customers receive a warm salutation by the staff as they walk in.
We were offered Mocktails upon our choice, enjoyed sipping on the Passion of Arabia , very delightful mix of Passion fruit and Pineapple.
To start with we had traditional bread ‘Khameer’. Soft baked bread with flavor of yeast is served with cream cheese & date syrup.
Chicken Saffron Salad was a rich delish bowl of big tasty chicken chunks, baby greens, daikon fennel, radish, & herbs tossed with Logma special dressing.
Our starters were …. Khaleeji Wings, fried chicken wings with strong flavors of lemon & special Logma sauce.
The menu includes a tempting line of Rice dishes , hard to decide from so many mouth watering options. We opted for Machbous Lamb. This hearty rice dish was full of soft lamb pieces, raisins, cashews on top, some fried onions, and garnished with green coriander & green chilli. If you visit Logma, do try this Machbous Lamb. Amazing combination of flavors!
Their staff member Ariel guided us till our last course of meal, our dessert included a luscious bowl of freshly cut fruits, and all time favorite Kunafa which was served with a scoop of ice-cream.
khaleeji flavor, Emirati tradition and hospitality is manifested here at Logma.
Must visit Logma to enjoy an evening filled of rich food & traditions.

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