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Spice Klub
Spice Klub is a modern Indian restaurant & franchise of a popular Indian eatery located in Mumbai. This casual dining restaurant serves traditional Indian dishes with a molecular twist. The restaurant has an interesting trendy interior & décor includes a myriad of colorful cushions & swing style seats add much beauty to the décor. Seating arrangement has been done to suit families and groups of friends.
Restaurant attracts a huge crowd of foodies who were seen waiting at the reception. The reason why this restaurant is so much in demand is the taste & fusion style in dishes.
Not only we enjoyed the taste of each dish here but the interesting twists being given to each dish and the way it was beautifully presented & explained to us by the staff Terence.
The items which we tried from the menu were:
Tender Coconut Water …. This amazing drink was served at a temperature where it was nearly frozen, served with rose, caviar & saffron strings.

Kokum Margherita …. Kokum is a plant/tree which bears a fruit which is used as spice and in medicines. The drink tasted good with hints of black salt and spices, topped with chilli caviar.

Pav Bhaji Fondue … Our meals started with a trendy serving of Pav Bhaji , and that was pav Bhaji Fondue. Very delicious mixed vegetables were pureed and topped with cheese, served in a fondue pot along with small cubes of bread (Pav).
Paneer Tikka ….. Soft and flavorful paneer tikkas topped with coriander foam.

Variety of chuttneys were served, I did not taste all but those which I tried were all amazing. The chuttneys/dips offered were Chunda which is mango pickle, Red Cabbage with Yogurt, Amritsari Imli, Olives & Red Chilli, Panj Ranga Pickle, Raddish with Walnut & Mayo, & Garlic Chilli Yogurt.

Veg Tawa Masalah …. Mixed vegetables were coated with a delicious gravy.

Another vegetable dish was a mix of vegetables like corn, mushrooms & capsicum were prepared in mouth watering cashew gravy.

Veg Dum Biryani …. Light and great tasting biryani was served in sealed clay pots. It carried flavors of an authentic vegetable biryani.

Garlic Butter naan & Gluten Free Roti were great to eat with curries or munch alone.

They have done elegant presentation in desserts .
Flower Pot …… This clay pot was a great creation of chef … a pot made up of Belgium chocolate was beautifully served on a bed of chocolate soil and ground pistachio, the pot is cut open to get some very delicious Indian dessert Ras Malai. An awesome fusion dessert!

Chocolate Mousse Volcano …. Watch this chocolate volcano getting active by pouring kesar milk over it. This volcanic dessert is a must try as well , with chocolate coated gulkand and berries. Much impressed by this volcano themed dessert.
Their adjacent restaurant is another vegetarian restaurant offering Italian & Mexican dishes with a twist.

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