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Tucked inside the serenity and calmness of Palm Jumeirah. Club Vista Mare is home to many eateries, I discovered the line of eateries located by the side of Marina or you can say part of Marina, the waters which are flowed down and have added much beauty to the surrounded outdoor sitting areas of all those restaurants.
Aji is a Nikkei concept, the combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine is called Nikkei. Japanese-Peruvian fusion cooking started back in late 19th century as both cuisines share many cooking techniques and methods. This combination of flavors and use of common ingredients like fish, lime juice, corns, aji peppers etc makes Nikkei cuisine popular in world.
One specialty of Peruvian cuisine is raw fish marinated in lime juice, salt etc for a prolonged period where the raw fish takes on the flavors and is ready to consume. Not only I experienced many new recipes & flavors here but the concept of Nikkei cuisine was also new to me. I am fond of Peruvian food and Japanese dishes as well, so here the evening was going to be double delight for me….

Ideally situated beside Marina with an elegant interior contemporary setting & decent color scheme, as always I was impressed by the outdoor arrangement wooden tables set across with inviting pleasant weather & beautiful view.

Upon arrival we were shown a very detailed menu which was going to be part of our dinner. It was surprisingly more than enough for two persons. But the way each recipe is prepared in a healthy & light cooking style we ended up eating a guilt-free nutritious meal.
We were taken care of by Slava who had complete knowledge about each and every dish ,cooking styles & ingredients. We enjoyed talking & listening to him the way he explained how each dish was done.
From their mocktail menu we were served Chinca Baja, it was a mix of Raspberry, Shiso, Yuzu & Ginger Ale. Shiso is a Japanese herb similar to mint. Yuzu belongs to citric family. So our drink had hints of all these flavors.

PIQUEOS ….. It means appetizers.
An interesting variety of cold starters and salad was served.

CEBICHE/ LIMENO …. Cebiche is very delicious traditional Peru dish , raw Sea Bass marinated in lime juice alongwith herbs and corns. I always enjoy this at Peruvian restaurants.

AJIRU SALAD …. Fresh green vegetables were mixed with Duck Confit , Orange and Tamarind.

AJI STYLE,MAGURO FOIE GRASS SUSHI …. ( this dish is a Japanese influence in Peru) Sushi with tuna, foiegrass,wasabi, sesame and Aji Style with Flounder fish & black quinoa.

AJI ESPECIAL …. very delectable and gorgeous looking scallops were served on a bed of lemongrass sauce and chilli pepper. The flavors were just mild and perfect!

SHAKE TACO …. Salmon filled tacos with Aji sauce were so scrumptious.

AJI EDAMAME …. Soya beans with red cury , soy sauce & sesames seeds.

AJI ANTICUCHOS … soft , juicy beef chunks were served while still on the mini grill served on our table, the marination was great!

EBI TEMPURA …. Purple corn tempura ( Peruvian style) , tiger shrimps coated with purple corns. Purple corns are a unique addition in Peruvian cuisine.

ROBALO …. Big pieces of Sea Bass served as a main course alongwith some black beans and rice cutlet. With less flavors in fish & rice cutlet. A small portion of seafood like Scallops, Octopus & Squids is also served along as side.

EBI TEPPAN …. Prepared in special Peruvian style on hot stone these sizzling shrimps are a must try coated with Japanese butter as explained to us by the attendant.

GYOZA …. Steamed dumplings were stuffed with delectable beef sirloin and served on bed of yellowish Aji sauce .

YUKITAS … Tapioca chips served with Huancaina Sauce, this sauce is made of cheese, milk, onion & garlic.

STICKY RICE …. Sticky rice are served with mango sorbet, ice-cream with sesame, a slice of crunchy meringue, and doubles the delight if you like the flavor of coconut milk & chia seeds which is poured over the dessert.

CHICHA MORADA ….. This attractive and luscious dessert was ornamented with many things, red scoop of purple corn sorbet, a piece of purple corn cake , unique & great tasting dessert! This was not enough, white chocolate & topped with lychee and real gold flakes.

Must visit place with nice ambiance, and great tasting food.

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