Burrata & Friends – Taste Of Italy by Heinz Beck

I had an earlier experience at Taste Of Italy where I tried some very special  Italian delicacies by Michelin Star Chef Heinz Beck when he visited Dubai and had the pleasure to meet  with the chef in person and attended his Masterclass.

TOI is is not only a modern Italian restaurant but at the same time it has an extensive range of Italian merchandise, a section of  bakery, sweets, icecream, etc. The restaurants is quite spacious with both indoor & outdoor seating.



We attended a Burrata filled evening last week. Taste Of Italy hosted a delightful event named ‘ Burrata & Friends ‘. As the name says the evening was full of burrata tasting.


Mouthwatering burrata was generously displayed & fresh Burrata station offered some very delicious  pestos and sauces alongwith burratas. Some of these pesto sauces were Swordfish sauce, Red Pesto, Crema Di Olive, Genoese Pesto, Antica Salsa Rassa, Pakino Cherry Tomato Pesto, Truffle Sauce.




Expert chefs showed us the amazing techniques and methods how burrata is made out of mozzarella till it reaches our plates. Cows milk is treated and passed through several processes and at a specific temperature to make fresh burratas.




Cheese tasting counter had all varieties of cheeses  made with cow’s milk like Asiago, Cuor Di Noci, and some from sheep’s milk like Moliterno, Castagno, L’ulivo etc.




Unlimited drinks kept flowing in throughout the evening , we tried the refreshing Basilico Drink which had hints of Basil, Lime & Soda and Iced Tea Mojito.


Other than tasting fresh burratas and cheese, team of chefs served the guests some very delicious items made with cheese and burratas. The recipes which kept coming from the kitchen of TOI were Dumplings with Ricotta Cheese & Herbs, Mozzarella in Carrozza, Polpettine Cacio Pepe & Salmon, Pacchero Ricotta & Spinach, Rigatone with Burrata foam, Pesto & Tomato Crumble, Risotto Avocado Shrimp Burrata & Rocket, Ricotta Cheese Mousse with cacao & Honey, Tiramisu Panettone, Mushroom & Margharita Pizza.



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