Bollywood Parks RajMahal Theatre Premiere – Dubai Parks & Resorts

Rajmahal theatre is the most swanky part of the much acclaimed Bollywood parks, part of Dubai Parks & Resorts which is now a great leisure place for public. Known for its various themed attractions Bollywood  parks & Resorts attracts a huge crowd including all age groups.


Earlier this month, we attended the World Premiere of spectacular Bollywood musical Jaan-e-Jigar. The Red Carpet event was attended by some special guests, Bollywood star Anil Kapoor, media and bloggers.


The design of the grand RajMahal theatre is inspired by the Royal palaces of India and creates a lavish backdrop  for live shows. Interior is impressive and theatre has the capacity of 856 seats. Featuring several shows a week, this venue now play host to the region’s first, resident Broadway style Bollywood musical – Jaan-e-Jigar.


The extravagant & opulent RajMahal theatre is fully equipped with latest technology and awe-inspiring sets, with a smart team of performers amuse the audience with what makes a perfect theatrical performance. The sound system is amazing and the dramatic ambiance & seating keeps you mesmerized and indulge in the play. Much organized and active organizers. After the entire experience, you walk out from the theatre with the mind still left behind in the realistic performances, dances and amazing stunts.


Other than Rajmahal theatre Bollywood parks is all surrounded by various themes and restaurants with ideas inspired by ancient Indian cinemas. The décor and hoardings pour all the famous Indian movie names and pictures.




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