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My first experience to try Parsi cuisine was just fabulous. It is similar to Indian food, but the cooking style differ in each recipe. They have many tempting offers in the menu. At weekends they serve a mini buffet. With few items in the buffet menu they serve both veg and non-veg. But each dish is so tasty and perfectly done with amazing flavors. What I enjoyed eating most was the Patra ni macchi … creamy dori fish is steamed in banana leaves, with a thick creamy coating of nuts, coconut , mint etc. Must try this !
We had pani puri before we start the meals.
Other dishes were Chicken Farcha, Mix vegetables, Chicken Sali Boti, Mutton Dhansak and fried rice. Chicken Farcha was a healthy version of fried chicken, it was marinated & coated with spices and semolina/flour etc it was so flavorful and soft enjoyed it with mint chutney and raita. Chicken Sali was soft boneless chicken chunks in gravy which goes perfectly well with Sali …Sali is crispy crunchy thin potato juliens which are served with this chicken dish. Mutton Dhansak was amazing as explained by the expert Chef Zubair, they have used three kinds of daals in the gravy which tasted so good, and the mutton was soft too. Hot chappatis which were lightly greased with oil were served fresh.
In dessert we had very delicious Lagan nu Custard simillar to egg pudding prepared with a twist which had hints of cinnamon and garnished with charoli nuts at the top… these nuts originate from India.This is a popular dessert used in Parsi weddings.
We were filled up alot with the food, the courteous staff Shoib offered us to try their Masala Tea along with Bhakra ..these are Parisian cookies … rough & crumbly in texture and very tasty, we realized it was a good decision to say yes to Masala Chai.
Restaurant has a very mini setup in Karama, but the courtesy and food will attract you to go again.

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