The Lounge – Radisson Blu Fujairah

The Lounge - Radisson Blu Resort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The spacious setting done at ’The Lounge’ at Radisson Blu Fujairah serves the best mocktails, lies just besides the pool and again with the enticing sea view. Pleasant atmosphere and refreshing mocktails from the menu of The Lounge doubles the delight. Suitable place for family & friends. Interior is also inviting. You can relax and unwind for hours in calm atmosphere , comfy sofas & LED screens makes it ideal for the sports fans to spend their time. Live Arabic tunes also entertain during evening hours.
We had some very refreshing mocktails like Mint Cooler which had lemon , mint & ginger ale. The other one was Tropical Cooler which was an amazing mix of banana, strawberries, orange & mango juice, pineapple and grenadine syrup. The drinks made so attractive with the color, taste and gorgeous presentation.

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