Tortilla – Real California Tacos & Burritos at Dubai Festival City

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The most attractive & chic corner occupying Dubai Festival City Food Court is Tortilla ..….. this restaurant is made attractive with its earthy & at the same time bright colors.Wooden brick walls and wooden furniture and comfy sofas are arranged in organized way. The entire team of Tortilla is so lively and cheerful.

Their menu includes a good range of salads, tacos,Burritos,Quesadillas, desserts & drinks. Both veg and non- veg fillings are added to choose from. You can customize your fillings, salads, sauces according to your choice.

TACO SALAD …… I had the lusciously heaped edible bowl richly stuffed with crisp romaine lettuce, tomato rice, some very delicious grilled chicken chunks , amazingly marinated & char grilled Arabian Gulf Shrimps, corns, and guacamole, this was the most delicious and delightful bowl of salad I had at Tortillas. After eating up all you still feel light. Such a healthy option to go for!

TRES TACOS ….. Soft or crispy corn tortillas with your choice of meat, salsa, cheese , sour cream & shredded iceberg lettuce. Since I already had chicken and shrimps in my salad bowl, so here I opted for shredded beef which was deliciously done while braised and shredded.

Other options for filling are Grilled Steak which is marinated and char grilled beef, and vegetarian option where meat is replaced and guacamole adds the delight.

DESSERT: They have some very lip-smacking options like Churros which are Mexican styled doughnuts served with chocolate sauce. And Quesadilla which is toasted flour tortilla filled with Nutella and banana. I had this luscious rich dessert , although it gives a childish feeling to eat bananas & chocolate sauce, I enjoyed devouring this dessert like a child!

They also have home delivery service in the nearby areas of festival City.

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