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Just when you enter the huge food court of Festival Centre, Zaatar W Zeit lies splendidly serving its ever famous yummy Lebanese street food and much more on the menu. The restaurant covers a good space in the food court , very comfortable and family friendly ambiance. It attracts huge crowd of Lebanese/Arabic cuisine lovers.
Amazing team of staff, healthy delicious food and ambiance together makes it an ideal dining place.

Zataar W Zeit is much popular not only amongst the whole Middle East Foodie crowd but equally liked by customers who are looking for healthy veg and non-veg options.
The menu has a wide variety on offer. I was invited to try their new additions in the menu. Without any exaggeration, I had my best dinner evening spent with some healthy options in Salads & wraps.
1)Hummus & Crackers ….. Cereal crackers were served along with hummus and with some grilled chopped vegetables.
2)Golden Wedges …. Fried Potato Wedges with their signature sauce. Enjoyed till the last bite!

1)Chicken Kale Salad …… A very delicious & sumptuous mix of chopped kale, flax seed, dried apricots, green thyme, purslane, and a big chunk of grilled boneless chicken sliced and served on top along with balsamic dressing. A very delightful, light and healthy option to try!
2)Quinoa & Halloumi Salad …… Another delectable item and a great treat for vegetarians which was a mix of Quinoa, grilled vegetables, black beans, peas, sliced cherry tomatoes topped with small grilled halloumi chunks garnished with chia seeds & pumpkin seeds.


1)Shawarma Wrap …… the very delicious & traditional beef shawrama served with parsley , spring onions, tomato and tahini sauce.
2)Taouk Wrap ……. Zaatar’s own recipe of specially marinated chicken, fries, pickles, and garlic mayo sauce. All these were so richly stuffed in the wraps. A very filling , juicy and delicious wrap. Must try!
3)Kafta Mohammara …. Amazingly done vegetarian wrap stuffed with hummus, mohammara, and tomatoes. I liked the combination of two flavors.


1)Z Knefe ….. This luscious sesame flat bread wrap had a filling of melted cheese. This dessert is the famous Lebanese street food where akawi cheese is soaked with sugar overnight to make it sweeter and then filled in the wraps, drizzle with sugar syrup to get this luscious dessert reach our tables.
Thanks ZWZ for such delightful dinner!



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