ikoo e-styler, paddle X and the paradise collection ikoo launches three innovative products.

HairPlay Boutique & Saloon situated in DIFC  also famous for hair extensions, sees the launch of three new innovative products of  ikoo brand. The event was held  at  HairPlay Saloon , with many hair styling  & beauty enthusiasts , famous style blogger, media and brand Co-founder.Guests enjoyed live demonstrations , goody bags from ikoo and vouchers from HairPlay Saloon.



Until now, the ikoo brand has created a name for itself in the high-end haircare sector with its exceedingly functional yet fashionable hair brushes.

At TopHair International 2016, ikoo introduced three new, innovative, never-before-seen products, guaranteed to revolutionize the styling industry.

The previous ikoo 3-function principle is now complemented with an additional utility: 1. combing, 2. detangling, 3. massaging and 4. straightening.

The ikoo e-styler replaces the traditional hair straightener and sets itself apart from other styling tools as the only all-in-one solution.

The “metallic collection”, characterized by trendy metallic surfaces, available in five fashionable colors was a huge success for the beauty start-up – who have built upon this and launched the new “paradise collection” with fresh and exotic colors for spring/summer 2016.


The highlight among the new ikoo products is the ikoo e-styler, an electronic straightening brush, which straightens while brushing and offers several heat setting levels – a replacement for the cumbersome straightener, for which two hands and a brush are always needed. Individual heat settings ensure that the e-styler can be used correctly for all hair types without causing damage. A flawless result is achieved by brushing evenly from roots to ends – a valuable time saver for women with thicker or curly hair – and perfect for the start of the day or for a quick “chic-look” before a date in the evening. When traveling, the ikoo e-styler replaces multiple tools – and is convincing with its pragmatism and reliability.


The new ikoo paddle X is a true revolution in regards to hair care – a blow-styling paddle brush with an X-shaped air ventilation system, the paddle X diffuses excessive hot blow-dryer air, directing it to specific areas. With this tool, one is able to protect their hair by deciding exactly how much hot blow-dryer air is directly pointed at the hair. The paddle X, with its strong and easy-to-hold handle, will be available in our classic beluga black and platinum white colors and will also have the provensuccessful “chessboard function” bristle pad, providing ikoo’s signature detangling, TCM scalp massage during the blow-drying process.


Beauty-Lab GmbH’s brand ikoo was founded in 2012 by husband and wife, Christopher and Katrin von Hallwyl, and is based in Munich. ikoo has made a name for itself in the haircare industry as a developer and manufacturer of highly functional hair care products and have successfully launched several products to the market with great media interest and coverage in all relevant magazines and online portals. Together with a team of experts – made up of TCM doctors, haircare professionals and product designers – Beauty-Lab GmbH focuses on the realization of smart products with attractive designs for daily use. Due to consistent growth of the team and expansion of product range, the brand is constantly growing – both nationally and internationally.

Prior to the establishment of Beauty-Lab GmbH, Christopher von Hallwyl honed his business development skills at Porsche Design and worked in marketing for Kunert AG, where he acquired his in depth knowledge of how best to lead company. Katrin von Hallwyl acquired her skills in product development through several years of experience in in-flight equipment development for luxury airlines and can – with her sense for trends – successfully realize products and projects. These synergies created the basis for a common foundation of beauty products in the premium hair care segment.

While on a business trip in Asia, Christopher suffered from strong muscle tensions in the head, shoulders and neck due to the stress of the journey and hectic schedule. A classically trained medical expert and conventional medication had no effect so he went to consult a recommended specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine who worked exclusively on the basis of acupressure, massage and reflexology. The effects impressed Christopher and Katrin so much so that the idea was born – to make TCM available for everyone and to integrate a head massage into a hair brush for daily use. The ikoo brush focuses not only on gently detangling the hair, but also stimulates the meridians in the head and neck area. The ergonomic shape allows it to fit perfectly in the hand while evenly distributing the pressure on the scalp. The brush massages special energy meridians so daily brushing is simultaneously a wellness experience. Four years after its establishment and three successful ikoo brush collections later, BeautyLab GmbH has presented three new, innovative products that have revolutionized the styling industry, at the greatest hair and beauty fair in Germany. ikoo will continue to establish itself in the premium segment with its effective and thoughtful products and will continue to offer the world solutions that bring hair care to the next level.


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