1st ever Kimono Abaya brand by a Japanese Designer launched in Dubai

Famous designer and artist, Eriko Yamanashi creates a unique line of Abayas characterized by the original use of Japanese Kimono fabric and innovative designs.


“Jeywn by Eriko” collection available exclusively at Les Foulards Boutique in Dubai Mall.

Jeywn, the Dubai-based high quality abaya brand has partnered with one of the biggest players of the Japanese textile industry, Tsukamoto Corporation to launch Jeywn by Eriko, the first abaya brand created by a Japanese designer using exquisite Japanese fabrics.

Characterized by the original use of Japanese fabric and innovative designs, the exclusive line is a creation of the celebrated, award-winning Japanese fashion designer and artist, Eriko Yamanashi, who is using the original Japanese fabric used to tailor kimonos for a more authentic feel and to ensure the best possible quality of the abayas.

The distinctive line beautifully fuses the elegant class of the Arabian gown with the exotic designs of the Japanese attire that harks back to ancient times. The first line of the brand, comprising fifteen ready-to-wear abayas and two couture pieces for special occasions, will be exclusively available at Les Foulards Boutique at Dubai Mall.

“There are a number of similarities between an abaya and kimono, both have evolved to adjust to the modern fashionable trends, yet have retained their traditional lineage and class that distinguishes them,” said Ms Yamanashi. “Fusing them into one was no easy challenge, particularly as we wanted to retain the individuality of both, but it was worth the effort. The new look is elegant, trendy,

fashionable, aesthetically pleasing and, in short, bespoke for a UAE woman, who takes her wardrobe very seriously.

“I was honoured to take up this challenge” added Ms Yamanashi. She considers that “the abaya is not only an irreplaceable piece of wardrobe for Arabic women but also a symbol of their culture and tradition. For this reason, to use our traditional Japanese fabrics and our aesthetic point of view, and apply them to this special garment and it has indeed been, stimulating and demanding”.

“The beauty of Dubai fashion scene is that, it not only houses every conceivable hi-end brand, but also has the capacity to absorb more exclusive and niche styles encouraging more designers to find their way into the city. For this exclusive look, I was very fortunate to work with Madam Amani, the owner and founder of Jeywn and her point of view and insights have been extremely important during the creative process,” concluded Ms Yamanashi.

Commenting on this unique collaboration, Mrs Amani, Emirati Entrepreneur, Founder and owner of Jeywn said: “We source top quality fabrics from around the world and when we were offered the opportunity to collaborate with a highly recognized partner from Japan, we immediately decided to start working with them to create something unique and innovative for the Gulf market. After over six months of preparation, we are really proud to be able to launch Jeywn by Eriko and we are sure our customers will appreciate the quality and sophisticated taste of this new brand”.¨

The new line of abayas were showcased at three fashion shows hosted at the boutique throughout the day of the launch. Jeywn by Eriko are the first abayas designed by a Japanese designer and manufactured in the UAE. The line was launched among much fanfare at the abaya boutique in Dubai Mall. The event was inaugurated by Mr Hisashi Michigami, Consul General of Japan in UAE, which was well attended by dignitaries including Mr Masami Ando Managing Director of JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organization), Mr Eiji Ougiya, Managing Director of Tsukomato Corporation, VIPs, elite guests from Japanese and Emirati community.



Models Displaying various styles of Kimono Abayas at the launch of Jeywn by Eriko.


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