Food lovers delighted as renowned Sahara Grill opens its first branch in Dubai

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The UK based restaurant chain Sahara Grill renowned for serving the first halal steak in England, opened its first branch in Dubai, in The Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road. The event was attended by special guest and famous Pakistani Cricket player Shahid Afridi, Sahara Grill partners Tye Razzaq, Saqib Razzaq, Shariff Hussain, Hamza Ali, food connoisseurs, media representatives and bloggers.

With over a decade of extensive expertise in running and managing restaurants, Sahara Grill’s success lies in their commitment to serving affordable five-star mouth-watering food created by expert master-chefs.
“Opening in Dubai is a dream coming true and is an exciting leap for our business. Marking our presence in the fastest growing city in the Middle East and catering to its sophisticated cosmopolitan customers is a positive challenge we are eager to take on” said Tye Razzaq, CEO of Sahara Grill. “Our aim is to serve high quality traditional dishes with our own signature that appeal to foodies and are affordable for families” he added.
Combining the skills of expert chefs with Fresh Grade A premium cuts of beef from Canada and lamb from New Zealand, locally procured fresh fish and chicken, delicious sauces with consistency in quality all in very affordable prices in a fine dining atmosphere; earned Sahara Grill the kind of reputation that paved the way to three different branches in England with a clientele coming from all over the United Kingdom, and a one hour wait for a table.
The grill connoisseurs flew over with the same passion and dedication, and are ready to stand out and satisfy the meat lovers of the UAE with a sophisticated and diverse menu of classic and unique recipes.
We got to try many dishes from their extensive range of menu. Before the start of food tasting, we had a quick glance of the journey of Sahara Grill from UK to Dubai through spectacular sand art display .

A melt-in-your-mouth lamb chops is their signature dish. If you can handle spices these soft grilled chops are a must try, the traditional spicy touch of Pakistani cooking is significant. Fresh tender lamb chops from New Zealand marinated in signature Sahara spices and flame grilled according to the choice.

Another great tasting dish ,soft wings coated with hot & tangy sauce served with sour cream and chives. Once you start, you keep asking for more.

Shrimps which were batterd ( Dynamite style Shrimps ) deep fried coated with the delicious sweet, spicy and tangy sauce served with tartar sauce.

Marinated green olives stuffed with tomatoes and mixed with greek cheese chunks, good to go with grills.

Sahara Grill offers a fusion cuisine not to deny its customers the pleasure of indulging in appetizing international dishes with a twist. Rich Oriental Hummus, fresh Greek salad is also in the menu.

Ideally fresh chicken which is locally sourced, great flavors in the marination and and fairly big chicken pieces on bones are perfectly done. Served with special Sahara sauce , the chicken so delectable and soft! The serving can be as …. Quarter Chicken or Half Chicken.

We had the best grilled salmon…. Juicy and soft char-grilled salmon fillet, lightly seasoned and accompanied with a creamy mushroom sauce, served with salad & rice. A complete sumptuous meal in one platter.

This sizzling platter was prepared in a special way using three beef steaks cut in strips and sautéed with picante gravy, onions and peppers.
Another delightful recipe from Sahara Grill, beef strips were drenched in the yummy sauce combined with veggies and garnished with coriander tasted great with rice as side order.

Very soft and delish grilled beef topped with BBQ sauce , brown onions & veggies.

Again fresh and locally sourced prime chicken fillets which are marinated, flame grilled and topped with melted cheddar, cheese, tomatoes,onions and mayonnaise in a toasted bun.

The dessert menu includes a variety of mouth-watering Italian delicacies, all flown from Italy, and is definitely one to satisfy your sweet-tooth – if you can make up your mind on what to order of course.

Such an indulgent dessert with authentic flavors ,so rich and creamy!

Spongy & delicious cake topped with heavenly sauce.

Sahara Grill has built its unrivalled reputation on a founding ethos dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality food sourcing, finest preparation and impeccable customer service.
It was an evening full of food tasting, great ambiance and lovely views , great place for family and friends get together.
We were fully stuffed with such an extensive food tasting, but will plan our next visit to try on some more grills and those lip-smacking desserts from the menu. Thanks to the management for the special giveaways for dinner invites.

The Sahara Grill experience is completed with an enchanting setting as it welcomes its clientele in an elegant, slick and modernly designed venue, soaked in mood lifting sunlight thanks to a bay window overlooking Jumeirah Beach Hotel and spectacular views of majestic Burj Al Arab specially during night.
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