The Manhattan FISH MARKET – Dubai Festival City

The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurant is a concept that has more than 180 years of history in the making. Its early beginning can be traced back to the fish market on Fulton Street, which has greeted the dawn from its location in Manhattan under the Brooklyn Bridge, with the freshest seafood.

Seafood restaurants lined along Fulton Street offering the freshest catch from the Manhattan fish market and it is this scene that stirred the minds of three young entrepreneurs, who decided to recreate the concept in The Manhattan FISH MARKET chain of restaurants.

Now with the first outlet here, The Manhattan FISH MARKET brings the same flavours and great service to Dubai, it has recently opened its doors in Dubai Festival City, Level 2, Sky Walk Food Court. After its renovation, Festival City food court is now home to many eateries whether it be fast food outlets or restaurants serving various cuisines and flavors.
The Manhattan Fish Market is located in the corner of Sky Walk , very spacious restaurant with view of the lively Mall through its big glass windows. The ambiance is very inviting with decent color scheme. The staff welcomes and greets in their special style as you walk in.



We were taken care of by their cheerful staff members and manager, they also guided us well in the selection of drinks and entire menu.

Our dinner was total seafood indulgence with some seriously
good items from their menu…..

So the drinks were:
1.Blue Lagoon ….. truly refreshing fizzy drink curacao,hints of lemon & topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
2.Melon Breeze ….. another great thirst quencher , this spring mocktail was a combination of strawberry, watermelon & lemon concoction.
3.Sunset by the Bay …… amazing flavors of earl grey tea and peach.


Quad Delight …. It was a delishing mixed platter of seafood including juicy fried country mushrooms, crispy calamari, cranberry coleslaw and some yummy dips to go.


1.Small Flame …. Manhattan flaming prawns with grilled dory fillet on a bed of garlic herb rice, accompanied with French fries, dips and hot veggies. The prawns were flamed while at the time of serving on our table, the sizzling hot plate with soft prawns and juicy dory heavily topped with cream was such a delight !


2.Da Bomb ….. Now if you can handle spicy & hot food then this one is for you. Spicy grilled volcano prawns, poached spicy dory nuggets & sautéed scallops. So spicy but the most delicious plate of seafood. Enjoyed eating those hot flavors but then I had to order the second drink to calm down the heat from spices . Earl grey & peach drink helped me out.


Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice-cream …… this sizzling mouth watering dessert has fried bananas which are served with scoop of chocolate ice-cream and before serving coconut sauce adds the hype when it is poured at the dessert at the spot.


Addiction for seafood will definitely take me back to the restaurant soon to experience more from their deliciously prepared dishes. Thanks for having us , it was a great seafood dinner night!


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