Breakfast At Lafayette Gourmet

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Dubai Mall and its restaurants are hot spots for foodies, because of the shopping attractions alongwith food and ambiance.
I have been to Lafayette Gourmet multiple times, experienced lunch, and a very lavish iftar in one of the yesteryears.
Lafayette Gourmet has different sections within it serving various cuisines with live cooking stations. As you take a tour of the entire premises, you are surley to try their food from any of their enticing sections where chefs are found busy in live cooking and serving customers.The ambiance is so indulging & family friendly. Each section displays the type of cuisine which they served. Samples of food are displayed, food is also prepared according to customer’s choice.

This time I had an invitation for the perfume launch by Lorenzo Villoresi the Italian brand who introduced a variety of fragrances. We were indulged in those perfume collections and talked to the brand owner couple who had flown in from Italy. Alongwith this scented start we had our delectable breakfast at Lafayette Gourmet.

The menu had variety of sliced fresh fruits, We also had fresh juices, lemonade etc

Live cooking stations served us omelettes,French omelettes with cheese as per our own choices and fillings.

Choice of natural Orange & Lemon Yogurt with Granola & Fresh Berries ….. I would say the most delectable item in a breakfast menu.

Bread counter had freshly baked croissants, bread with butter , jams, honey.
Mixed platter of Artesian cheese to savour on ….. Lafayette Gourmet has a special cheese section with a wide variety of cheese available.

Some other great flavors were Quebec Milk Fed Veal bacon, Beef, Sausages, & Beans in Tomato sauce.

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