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Jigsaw Restaurant brings to Deira the best of Oriental and South Eastern Asian cuisines.

AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel has just launched 2 new theme nights at their Jigsaw restaurant which is set to bring the best of the Oriental and Asian cuisines with two weekly buffet menus:

1.One thousand and one night ……. a night inspired to the Oriental cuisine, every Tuesday evening

2.Asian Equation …….. a combination of flavors from the South Eastern Asia region, every Thursday evening.
Join in for Tuesday which is “One Thousand and One nights”, an occasion to savor the variety of the Oriental cuisine, with recipes from the Moroccan, Lebanese and Persian tradition, including hot and cold mezzeh, marinated salads, a delicious selection of meats and seafood and mouthwatering desserts.

Or start the weekend treating yourself to a combination of South Easter Asian dishes every Thursday at “Asian Equation”. This dinner experience has been crafted to take you through a culinary journey, from Indian spicy flavors to fresh and crunchy Thai and Vietnamese food, Filipino favorites, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes, Chinese, Korean and Japanese renowned recipes.

I had the pleasure to experience one of their amazing options. I had an open invitation, choice was mine what to opt from. Both theme nights offer a great mix of cuisines, though it was hard to select, I made up my mind to try the Moroccon,Lebanese and Persian delecacies this time.
Avani Hotel has a an extensive entrance lobby and an inviting décor. Jigsaw restaurant’s décor was all Arabic styled as the theme says…..the restaurant is very capacious with separate family area as well.
At the entrance Arabic qehwa was being served to welcome the guests. A counter full of dry fruits and dates is the centre of attraction. dates were served in those Moroccan dishes which look so attractive with a dome shape lid.
Chef was busy showing his expertise at the live cooking counter, where hot breads and grills are done. The aroma of grills and baked bread was so irresistible, I couldn’t wait to rush to the counter and request the chef to prepare few grilled pieces for me alongwith freshly baked khubus.
While it was getting ready I took a whole round of the wide spread menu, I started with my bowl of soup.

SOUP: Green Lentil Cream Soup
Since the menu was so detailed ,I just took a very small portion of Creamy lentil soup , it was good.

Salads had all kinds of hot and cold mezzeh, all fresh green leafy salads , oriental salad etc some of them like Fattoush, Tabbouleh, Fruits with Coucous, Beetroot with Rocca, Shrimps with Artichokes, hummus, Egyptian Eggplant with Tomato Sauce, Lebanese Chicken Salad, Chickpeas with Feta, Moutabel, Calamari with Pickle, very different Roasted Cauliflower,Baba Ghanoush.
I tasted few of these , so rich and filling salads. The selection of salads here is best suited for a person who is on diet , these salads are no less than a full light meal including seafood, meat, veggies etc.

Mini cheese and zaatar pizza breads alongwith khubus kept coming in fresh from oven.
Whole Grilled Chicken and grilled chicken pieces . Both chicken dishes were perfectly done. So succulent!

After having salads and starters, we felt like eaten enough but the variety of main dishes was so tempting and some dishes from which I cannot keep my hands off.
The dishes were:
Chicken Kabsa …. The flavorful rice with moist chicken.
Fish Tagine …… Big chunks of soft tasty fish with some juices and mild spices.
Dolma Mahshi …… Again another great Arabic dish where vegetables/onions etc are stuffed with herbs and meat. I tasted a small bite of stuffed capsicum as I could see more great dishes lined up ….. I actually don’t know how the authentic recipe is supposed to be but this one tasted good.
Beef Kebabs ….. minced beef longitudnally done on satay sticks just similar in look to those seekh kebabs but different in taste, as these were done alongwith tomato gravy.
Potato Maraq ……. Potato chunks in red stew/gravy.
Stuffed Artichokes ……. It sounds a very yummy dish Artichokes were stuffed and topped with cheese, tomatoes etc. … I couldn’t taste as I already had enough from the dishes.
Vine Leaves with Lamb Chops …… This was the top of list from their main menu. Gorgeous grilled lamb chops with stuffed vine leaves. Great taste and marination!
Sheikh Al Mahshi ……. A very famous Arabic dish, lamb is stuffed in vegetables like zucchini, eggplants etc with creamy yogurt gravy.
Lamb Kibeh ……. Lamb pieces combined with Kibeh & garnished with pine nuts… this was such a rich filling dish.
Kushari …… Egyptian origin dish made up of rice, macroni , lentils etc… it was garnished with brown onions.
They also had a menu ‘’Today’s Special’’ …… for the day it was Shawarma & Chicken Moussaka.
Chicken shawarma pockets were richly stuffed with chicken pieces.

It was obvious to expect a luscious spread of desserts in the line.
So here is the list of those desserts, out of these some I tried and found truly delicious .
Basbousa, Cappuccino Dome Cake, Umm Ali, Mini Chocolate Tarts, Papaya Apricot cups, Fresh Fruits, Tulumba, Ayesh El Saraya, Arabic mixed sweets, Date Cake, and caramel egg pudding.
With so many dishes I could only try the soft delicious egg pudding, Umm Ali is my all time favorite , it was also done perfect with the right amount of sweet and milk. The soft velvety Aish El Sarya was layered with crumbled biscuits /bread had a great taste. Arabic sweets are a big attraction in desserts. I enjoyed eating few pieces with Arabic qehwa to end up my amazing session.

Starting price for both menus is AED 115, inclusive of soft beverages, while kids up to 6 years old dine for free, from 6 to 12 years old enjoy 50% discount.

For reservation call +971 4601 3952 or write to jigsaw.vddh@avanihotels.com .

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