Osha Emirati Gourmet – AbuDhabi

We had a very kind invitation from Osha Gourmet management, it was our much awaited visit to the restaurant, The staff is so welcoming and hospitable.
Osha Gourmet is situated in Masdar City, although an area a bit isolated, the restaurant is inside the Seimens building.They have a handful of eateries within the building alongwith this hidden jewel serving the best emirati food in fusion style.
Restaurant is not very capacious but it attracts a good crowd, the reason is the distinguishing recipes, emirati & and fusion style food.
Interior depicts Emirati culture through particular paintings on walls, seating arrangement is done to cater all kinds of customers, private arrangement for family areas has Arabic styled cushions and low table setting. And normal table setting has been been done otherwise. Outside arrangement also offers Arabic style seating. A mini book shelf is arranged with a collection of few books for the book lovers to pass an even better time to read while the food is being served.


Staff took very good care of us, our attendant Vaqar is so proficient and well informed of all the menu. We decided our menu with his guidance, and enjoyed each and every item.
Mini welcome glasses of labban and dates were served, as part of emirati hospitality and culture.
Our drinks options were ……..
1.Osha Mojito …..Combination of blackberry, cinnamon, lime & mint.
2.Rabdan Mojito ….. Fizzy combination of passion fruit, lime & mint.
3.Oreo Shake.

Both refreshing drinks with combination of fruits enliven the senses. I liked both the flavors.
Creamy Oreo shake was also great.


1.Dynamite Shrimps …. Served in glass with heavy coating of special Osha sauce.
Dynamite Shrimps were brilliant. This so trendy & popular starter, here it is served with their specially prepared sauce….. loved the flavor!


2.Jasheed Spring Rolls ….. Regag bread rolls stuffed with baby shark fish, minced and cooked with homemade spices. It was served with special dip made with spiced dates.
Regag bread is commonly used in Arabic cooking/recipes, baby shark fish was new to me, I tried for the first time, enjoyed eating as stuffing in the rolls.


1.Osha’s Mixed Grill …… skewers of kebabs, saffron chicken tikka, yogurt lamb tikka, & yogurt chicken tikka. It was accompanied with fries, spicy tomato sauce, yogurt & hummus. Great tasting tikkas, with juices and softness the way it is supposed to be.


2.Saffron Lobster …. Baked cheesy lobster with a touch of saffron, served with green veggies, and topped with white sauce. They also have an option for sauce, white sauce or red tomato sauce. If you plan to visit Osha do try this creamy impressive lobster stuffed with meat , mushrooms and rich white sauce with amazing flavors.


1.Happiness hormones ….. warm brownies topped with kinder bars & ice-cream. Served with hot chocolate sauce.

This sensational dessert captivates the attention when it is brought to the table on a sizzler. The hot bubbles of chocolate sauce with a layer of brownie, kinder chocolate bars and scoop of ice-cream such a delightful combination. Another impressive addition on their menu. Some other special Emirati desserts in the menu are Aseedat Bobar( pumpkin puree dessert) ,and the famous Logaimat, DR. Flake, Um Alawi, sticky date pudding etc.



They also have a good spread of breakfast menu & kids menu.
Had a great dinner experience, thank you Osha team for serving us such delicious meal.


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