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I had the chance to visit Park Regis second time last Friday . Kris with a View was all set with its gorgeousness and Dubai views from the 19th floor. The restaurant looked different in day time atmosphere was bright and gleamy with glass windows and nicely arranged seating as before.
Kris with A View introduced their special Friday Brunch package. A lavish 9 course set menu which is not less than a fully fledge buffet.
We were warmly welcomed by the pleasant team, they were great hosts as always, guided us well with each course that comes to our table and make sure to attend us during our meals.
we enjoyed each and every course as, there were options in Mocktails, we received our Pandan & Coconut Slush, it reminded me of their yummy pandaan flavor mousse which we had at our last visit……
Being a Pan-Asian specialty restaurant, adding a touch of pandan flavor is their specialty here. Light green drink with suitable sweetness and mild flavor of coconut was a good start.
Some others were…. Matcha Iced Cappuccino, Lychee & Lemongrass Crush etc. In addition to that there is a long list of juices and other house beverages on the menu.

We received the small basket of pappar accompanied with stimulating flavors of tamarind chuttney, tomato coconut chuttney & mint chuttney.

The rectangular small plate of salad included ….
1.Green Mango & Long Bean Salad. It was a bit sour, sweet & crunchy.
2.Malay Rojak which is a mix of papaya, sweet melon, rock melon, peanut sauce. A good recipe!
3. Chana Chaat the famous boiled chickpeas coated with spices, it was not over spiced but good to eat.

Maki & Nigiri selection included Tuna, Salmon and Californian.

The options in soups were:
1.Thai Tom Yum Goong
2.Chinese Hot & Sour Soup
3.Malaysian Sop Ayam
4.Indian Tamatar Shorba

I opted for Thai Tom Yum and my daughter had her favorite Hot & Sour Soup.

This was the most fascinating platter of mix appetisers. So colorful and delightful bites of …..
1.Mini Crab & Prawn Cakes
2.Chinese Mixed Dumplings
3.Japanese Mixed Tempura
4.Malaysian Chicken & Beef Satay
5.Indian Samosas & Koftas
In few minutes we devoured the whole platter, so yummy and flavorful bites, soft juicy satays, crispy tempura & samosas, soft dumplings and crabs all are a must try.

1.Phad Thai Goong
2.Bee Hoon Goreng with Chicken
3.Char Kway Teow with Beef

So here we were guided by Suman who was our best guide during our meals. Our selection was Phad Thai Goong & Bee Hoon Goreng with Chicken….. we felt getting stuffed slowly as the courses kept coming in. Still the spread of main course was yet to come.

So this was just about the middle of our meal when we received palate cleanser which really freshened our taste buds…. It was green tea sorbet, enjoyed the scoop much.

1.Thai Basil Tofu
2.Szechuan Crispy Fish
3.Beef Teriyaki
4.Lamb Rendang
5.Mixed Tandoori Chicken
6.Vegetable Egg Fried Rice

Each dish carried its own distinctive flavor, and as I said earlier it is said to be a 9 course meal but look at the variety being served in each course. Mini portions of these main dishes came to us which was quite filling and enough. All meat portions lamb, chicken, beef, fish were done just right , so delicious!

1.Thai Green Duck Curry
2. Goan Fish Curry
3. Massaman Vegetable Curry
Served with Naan/Bread

I am not very fond duck, but for the first time when I saw the chunks of soft duck meat coated in gravy. I enjoyed eating it with garlic bread. Duck curry is a must try here.
Here comes the much awaited course of the meal.
We had a luscious platter of mixed desserts.
1.Asian Crème Brulee
2.Fresh Fruits
3.Red Bean Steamed Cake
4.Pandan Meringue
5.Chilli Chocolate Cake
Much innovative desserts sweet crunchy Pandan meringues, Red bean cakes and above all is the unusual flavor of chilli chocolate cake. The combination with hints of chillis and sweet chocolate is really good.
The hospitality and attention given to the customers by the restaurant staff is amazing. In addition to this the great meal deals and taste added to the food by their competent chefs is just remarkable!

Prices starting from:
AED 149 – 9 course set menu
AED 179 _ 9 course set menu + soft beverage
AED 279 _ 9 course set menu + house beverage

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