Gourmet Burger Kitchen – DIFC

This is was my second visit to GBK, after having experience in Dubai Marina outlet, when I got the invitation to review their DIFC branch, I was really looking forward to because of the sumptuous salads & burgers which I had tried earlier.
DIFC has always been my favorite, because the place is so eventful. A hub for the very famous Art Nights, fashion events and a lot more. Additionally it has many restaurants serving different cuisines which caters business & working class in the area as well as foodies coming over from all around. I have dined in many restaurants at DIFC . Terraces have great views of Emirates Towers and DIFC in it self is quit well constructed to move around specially ideal to visit during winter days. The pleasant weather , views and food together makes a fun visit.
GBK is situated in the basement of DIFC Gate 5 , very spacious outlet with decent interior, wooden flooring and comfortable arrangement.
Upon arrival our drinks were served , I asked for Elder flower drink, it’s a light colored refreshing drink which I had tried previously.


Our course of salads were the GBK salad special Strawberry Halloumi salad with big chunks of grilled halloumi , if you are a fan of halloumi do try this one. The other salad was mix of fresh salad….. GBK Salad.


Their famous skinny fries & sweet potato fries are always a pleasurable addition on their table.


We had the fried cheese balls, the recipe is too good to eat , combined with the dip.
Another special item is the GBK Platter …. It has some delicious chicken wings coated with sweet sauce, grilled halloumi bites and batter fried onion rings…. All too good and of course the dips are specially prepared here which come in so different flavors some of those are …. smoked chilli mayo & blue cheese dip.


For the mains this time the burger which I opted for is really sumptuous sizeable & full of taste….. jalapeno Chicken Burger, a bit spicy as the name says. I would recommend this one ! Served along with fresh cabbage and dip.

As it was a blogger’s meet up , everyone ordered their own meal. Each ones platter sounds so delicious, I would definitely visit again to try other flavors from the menu . What comes in my mind to try next is the vegetarian option which is Falafel Burger.


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