FoodAddict, a food show promoting Malaysian lifestyle premiers on Zee Middle East

* FoodAddict, a food TV show, is produced by Zenofar Fathima, Dubai resident and CEO, Zen Productions.

* The show  sees guest appearance from Bollywood celebrities like R. Madhavan and Rahul Dev sharing tips on eating right and healthy.

* The show launched in Dubai earlier in May 2016, is a one of its kind show focusing on a great mix of shopping, tourist destination, food and fitness.

Dubai resident and Malaysian entrepreneur owned Zen Productions’ FoodAddict, premiered on Zee Middle East on September 3, 2016. FoodAddict is the first TV show in the Middle East, promoting Malaysian cuisine in the region. The show aims at catering to 25 million multicultural tourist arrivals in Malaysia every year, which is home to a distinctive palette and a tapestry of flavours.

The one of its kind show will focus on the rich heritage of Malaysia and will be instrumental in promoting various tourist destination, lip smacking street food. Not just that, every episode will focus on health and fitness with a renowned Bollywood celebrity sharing tips and suggestions.

FoodAddict, with a tagline ‘The journey of great taste and good health’ is set to feature weekly at 4:30PM on Saturdays. The show is shot entirely in Malaysia, which will introduce to the Middle East the rich flavours and cooking traditions of the multi ethnic country. The show was launched in UAE on April 6, 2016 in the presence of Malaysian delegation, top UAE Entrepreneurs and dignitaries, along with well know Indian celebrities, the prime motive of FoodAddict is to explore Malaysia, a country that offers families and other travelers with a plethora of interesting offerings.

Zenofar Fathima, Producer and Anchor of FoodAddict says, “We are very pleased to introduce Malaysia to the Middle East region, a country which is certainly known for its unique wonders, attractions, cuisine and cultures. Certainly when it comes to food, Malaysia is the best of Asia on a platter. I would like to thank the Malaysian Tourism team, Absolute Frames – our directors, Rahul Dev, R. Madhavan and everyone who have supported me in this journey of having to provide a wide window into the rich and diverse dining options available in Malaysia reflecting the best taste of the Asian countries. I look forward to a successful first season and further look at expanding and discovering global cuisines for further seasons with the show.”

Daney Varghese, Director, Absolute Frame said, “We are excited to premiere the show here in the UAE, We’ve had a wonderful time in Malaysia shooting for the show and have had 21 days of rigorous shooting. The climate was favorable and Malaysia is a very welcoming country. Everything around there was so mesmerizing. I would also like to express my gratitude to our friend, host and producer Zenofar for her dedication and hospitality during the shoot. Hope everyone in the UAE successfully gets a glimpse of the rich cuisine and cultural aura of Malaysia.”

The show will also host a special section that will focus on eating right and healthy which will be explained by renowned Bollywood celebrities Rahul Dev and R. Madhavan.

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