Jodhpur Royal Dining Restaurant – Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

When I received the invitation to review Jodhpur Royal Restaurant, I was much excited to get into this experience because of its much acclaimed distinctive line of menu. Due to my job routine I could manage during a weekend which luckily came during the Eid break and we were there for their ‘’Retro-innovative lunch’’ on the first day of Eid.
Out of those many restaurants of the magnificent Al Murooj Rotana Hotel, this Royal chunk lies ideally within the hotel by the poolside. Jodhpur Royal dining restaurant provides beautiful pool views and its outdoor sitting arrangement which is going to be ideal in the upcoming pleasant winter days of UAE.
Restaurant décor is inspired by nature, interior has awe-inspiring peacock colors on walls & furnishings.

We were given a very warm welcome by the entire staff,restaurant manager Mr. Oliver and Chef Pradeep attended us so well, provided details of each of the dishes served to us.
The dishes are served in molecular gastronomical style & you will see a fusion in traditional dishes and recipes here. Here I must mention Chef Pradeep’s cooking style is similar to home cooking and there is a unique taste in his dishes….. each dish has a special serving style , we find impressive presentations in different restaurants, but you hardly get the taste under those beautiful presentations. Every dish served to us by Chef Pradeep carries true authentic flavors as the chef himself says….. he avoids using a lot of spices and ingredients in a dish so as to keep the originality and not to let spices over power the taste of meat/veggies etc. Interesting thing is each dish has a story which takes you back in your childhood or your mother’s own kitchen.
Just in a while when we were settled thirst quenching drink ‘Guavalicious’ was served to us……which was much needed in the hot afternoon, it was made with fresh pink Guava puree spiked up with black salt & other seasonings blended with ice. It was too refreshing and tasty. This pink juice was served with floating berries inside and chef told us that pink guavas have been imported.


Along with the drink as a Pre Starter we had ‘Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt’ …… Indian puff with caraway seeds & served with herb yoghurt topped with Pink peppercorns. It was a freshly baked crispy puff/Baqir Khani with a thick yogurt dip which had hints of pani puri flavors.But eating puffs in a different style with yougurt dip was so cool.


‘Macaron Chaat’ ……… Macaron stuffed with tangy filling & served as chaat with all the elements like sweet, sour, crunchy, chewy. Its true, one bite of those pink colored macarons was like having eating enough of dahi puri or pani puri in one go.


‘Beef Short Ribs, Aam Papad Glaze’ ……… braised for 8 hours & tossed in reduction made with Aam Papad, Tamarind & chilli paste. My full recommendations are for this dish so crispy from inside, such an indulgent dish…. Well cooked beef chunk is rolled in batter and flash fried and generously coated with the lip-smacking aam papad gravy. Can’t forget the deliciousness!!


‘Achari Jhinga, Pan Grilled, Beet Carpaccio’ ……….. Pan grilled tiger prawns marinated in lemon pickle marinade & served with beetroot carpaccio. When I came to know prawns are marinated in pickles, I was expecting a hot spicy starter coming up…but surprisingly it had all the aroma & taste of pickles but very moderate no spices or sourness which could disturb the taste otherwise.


So the baseline is,they have food for everyone. Because of such moderate and fusion cooking all sorts of customers were seen in the restaurant and so is the food prepared here keeping in mind the multi cultures here.


‘Laban & Ricotta Kabab, Rose Ash’ …….. Crispy fried melange of Hung Curd & Ricotta, coated with Rose Ash. Served cold from the centre to allow a contrast in the dish. Perhaps the world’s first kabab served cold from inside. As explained this one is a new concept in kebab. I enjoyed the cold delicious creamy curd & Ricotta ouzing out once this spongy kebab is cut .


Now that’s a great idea, you normally don’t get this everywhere to be prepared for the next course of food…….Sorbet to clean your palate so that you get ready for main course. Served in toy pressure cooker which can give a nostalgic feeling to anyone & same happened with me…. made with Fresh Alphonso puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves & de-hydrated cranberries. This sweet & sour tasty mini lollies were so pleasurable. Chef told us that he serves a variety of flavors in it which are mostly citrus but I wonder how cool those jamun lollies would be.


Main Course:
‘Lamb Keema ‘Pygmy’ Pao, Masala Mirch’………. Green Chillies spiked Lamb mince topped with paper thin red radishes & garam masala butter. Served with miniature Paos. This all what was included in qeema dish, again chef’s creativity in this qeema is highly admirable. Great to go with garlic naans.


‘Jodhpuri Kadhi, Crsipy Besan Canneloni, Onion Ring’ …….. Panko coated crispy fried Khandavi stuffed with Spinach, served with Kadhi & crispy onion ring . Great presentation in this dish kahndvi pakoras were a good combination with curry, curry was seperately served and was poured around side pakoras at the spot. I learned many new serving and presentation ideas from chef. Taste of curry was very good , khandvi pakoras were new to me ,can also be used as a tea time snack stuffed with spinach.


There were no extra spices in any dish but still you can have aroma and real home like taste ..… this is a magic done by Chef Pradeep. Moreover they customize the dishes according to the taste of their customers.

‘Faux Dal Makhni’ …….. Moong Dal replaced Black Urad here & processed exactly the same way Dal makhni is made so that the taste is not compromised & diner doesn’t feel bloated after eating. So here was the answer to that riddle , chef told me that we have to guess there is a change in this daal makhani which I couldn’t guess, he actually replaced daal, but it carried all its authenticity and flavors. Enjoyed with boiled rice and more with the Chur-Chur Kulcha …..


‘Chur-Chur Kulcha’ ………Crisp Kulcha stuffed with cottage cheese, onions, chilles & cumin seeds cooked in tandoor & crushed with hands without counting a kulcha eat as much as you want …. A savory version of that sweet ‘choori’.
This one is not recommended for diet conscious people, but once you are indulged in chef’s specialties you will not even count kulchas but will keep on eating it.
A very successful trick for those small kids or picky eaters who keep their mothers always worried by not eating ….. for all those mothers try out this trick which is Chef Pradeep’s Grandma totka to make them eat enough by not letting them to know how much is in this chur –chur kulcha.
Amazing Chef who is carrying his useful childhood traditions while making his guests to eat and relish.


Desserts: Sweet course is itself so enticing in a menu, but here at Jodhpur they make it extra appealing with great serving styles and above all the remarkable taste being added to each dish.

‘Lotus Treacle Tart, Salted Butter Scotch Ice Cream’ ………
The classic british Treacle tart flavored with Belgian Lotus biscuits, served with salted butter scotch ice cream. The luscious spread of this dessert which was a combination of ice-cream, biscuits, tarts was simply irresistible. Must try from their menu.


‘Saffron Jalebi, Mascarpone Rabdi, Gold Dust’ ……… Crisp miniature Jalebis accompanied with Mascarpone Rabdi. Dredged with Golden Dust. Hung on a small brass stand making it a Jalebi tree, with this innovative serving idea and a fusion which is so exciting and pleasing to be served in a gathering or a group of friends where they can have fun over jalebis combined with the very delicious velvety rabri. Great taste!


With one stomach we could handle only this much, and which I have not mentioned earlier is the quantity which is being served here …. Unlike many other restaurants the serving for their starters, main course & desserts is quite sumptuous & filling. Definitely need to visit again to find out what other hidden food treasures are there in Chef Pradeep’s kitchen. Thank you so much Jodhpur Royal Dining , Chef and the entire team for making our Eid day so memorable one !


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