Ainy’s Treatment at Soma Health Club & Spa – Pullman Dubai Creek

Ainy’s Skin care…….

Ainy’s exclusive research & development laboratory is located in the centre of Paris where scientific team ensures the high quality products while taking care of Ainy’s  philosophy and mission.

Ainy creates the exceptional skincare products. They are created from a unique combination of plant extracts, guided by the ancient botanical knowledge of the healing powers of plants combined with the advanced technology of modern western laboratory science. Each Ainy product is the result of at least three years of study and scientific research. Its products are certified organic and are not tested on animals with the exception of Ainy’s lotion.

Ainy has won several major awards during previous years like Special Jury Award from France, Best natural & Organic Beauty brand at Beyond Beauty from France, Best Sustainable Luxury brand in Latin America – Argentina, & Best Cosmetic Award from France.

I had the chance to try the amazing Ainy’s treatment few months back. This special invitation was from  Soma Health Club & Spa situated in Pullman Dubai Creek.

I experienced a very comfortable time right from the beginning as I walked in at the Spa reception. I sipped on the refreshing welcome drink while  going through the Ainy’s products on display.

After having the stimulating sessions at the Steam & Suana rooms , I had an  invigorating  feeling , it really makes a difference to your entire mood when the heat penetrates the body muscles, worth trying it as it  releases toxins through sweat which is obviously good for skin.

It is also said to be beneficial for maintaining body balance and curing several health problems like fatigue & helps in stress relief etc.

Later I  moved to the treatment room for an enhancing Ainy’s  oil treatment. The sublime effect of the aromatic oils and the homely ambiance along with the very cheerful and expert staff made my day.

Not only I would  suggest Ainy’s special Spa treatments, I have also experienced the Shell Massage Therapy and Candle Treatment at Soma Spa. Sounds weird at first when you see the shells, but it does work as a refresher as it moves on to your skin with a bit warm & slight pressure. More over the extra pampering done by the staff  will motivate you to make a second visit soon.


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