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Ka’ak is a baked sesame bread , a nation wide popular street food in Lebanon. The bread is baked fresh and stuffed with various sweet and savory fillings Best to think of Ka’ak is like a Lebanese version of a bagel, but much tastier .

In yester years,long queues of people at the famous Ripe Markets in Dubai from all walks and cultures in demand of this yummy bread proved that Ka’ak is far more than just a delicious snack. This was made possible by the phenomenal & hard work of the much devoted owner of Ka’ak Al Manara Mr. Ziyad.
After getting huge success for his country’s product , he is now successfully operating a proper small outlet in Mercato Mall named ka’ak Al Manara Lebanese Canteen , but you can still enjoy the scrummy ka’aks again during the the Ripe Markets once they resume in November.
After its successful running during different events & specially during the famous Ripe Markets in Dubai & the hub of eateries … Emaar Boulevard and The Walk at JBR, this much loved Lebanese Street Food is now being served in a Lebanese Canteen with a vision to be the first on-the-go Ka’ak, Salad & Soup Chain in the world.
Sticking on to that traditional levant style street food where street vendours used to sell this Ka’ak carrying the Picon Cheese ( from Lebanon) , sumac and Zatar or a sweet filling back in Beirut ….. so this was their homeland’s version for breakfast which is still carried out here with much interest by Mr Ziyad.
Even today also Ka’ak Al Manara Lebanese Canteen use the same formula but with some fusion ideas where bread is baked in special brick floored ovens at a very high temperature of 400 degrees which is ready in 30 seconds , heavily garnished with sesame seeds.
Keeping in mind the diversed culture of Dubai, passion of Mr. Ziyad & fusion ideas for savory & sweet stuffings in Ka’aks are totally impressive and successful.
Our morning started with the zesty cups of Al Manara Nescafe. So creamy smooth coffee made in condensed milk was totally indulgent .
We actually got to try almost all stuffings in Ka’aks, I always enjoy levant recipes with zatar , sumac, cheese etc so here I had my most enjoyable time having this delicious breakfast of fresh Ka’aks with sesame seeds and heavily stuffed with Zatar & Akawi cheese, sumac with spread cheese( picon), Labneh with mint & other veggies, all were distinctive in taste and a must try! These are all the ‘’Original Ka’aks’’.
In’’ Ka’ak Special ‘’ menu they serve different combinations with Chicken, Cheese, Pickles, Beef, Turkey like : Chicken Fajita, Chicken Garlic, Chicken Francisco, Beef Shawarma, Margherita, Pepperoni, & Turkey Raspberry. We tried Turkey Raspberry which comes with a sweet Raspberry sauce & Turkey and Chicken Garlic had soft juicy chicken chunks, lettuce , pickles etc… both had mild flavors great to go with Ka’ak.
Not only this, they also offer different salads & soups for lunch which is new for each day like Orozo Salad, freekeh Salad & tabbouleh. Small tetra packs of different juices are also available.
The most adorable addition in their menu are the sweet stuffings …. the most delectable all time favorite Arabic sweet Kanafeh is offered in Ka’ak , the other one which must be a big hit & I am sure loved by every customer is Nutella which is prepared with a mix of Halawa , this Arabic touch with Nutella makes a great combination.
Although filled up a lot after eating variety of Ka’aks, but still couldn’t resist with these luscious desserts.
Some more on the menu are: Nutty Nutella & Banana, Halawa Banana, Peanut Butter Jam, Cheese & Honey.
They also provide group, corporate & home deliveries
Ka’ak Party Boxes :
1. Box of 6 Specials cost AED 150
2. Box of 6 Originals cost AED 105

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