Icons Coffee Couture – DWTC

After its successful running in Abu Dhabi, Icons Coffee Couture sees its Grand launch at Dubai World Trade Centre. Inauguration was done with ribbon cutting ceremony in presence of Riz Khan famous CNN anchor person and Elena Weber CEO & Founder of Icons Coffee Couture.
Icons Coffee Couture is German Coffee Chain which not only specializes in organic coffees, teas and sweet treats but has introduced Stevia based products. This special product ‘’Stevia’’ has been introduced by the brand CEO Elena Weber here in UAE.
‘’Stevia’’ is a herb which is obviously healthy and with many positive aspects as it’s a great alternative of Sucrose and contains natural sweetness which is many times higher in sweetness than the white sugar. In today’s life where health complications are more likely to occur, each one of us find safest ways and healthy & herbal products when it comes to eating /cooking . Stevia is a perfect gift which is used in desserts here at Icons Coffee Couture.
Not very spacious, with an easy access on Sheikh Zayed Road, you will find the lively outlet of Icons Coffee Couture where you will have guilt free meals, assorted cakes which are very delicious and safer to eat as Icons Café prepare these with the sugar free concept best suited for weight conscious and diabetic people. Other than sweet treats they also have savory items on the menu veg, non-veg, salads, sandwiches etc. and each item indicates whether its gluten free, low carb, high fibre, stevia based, naturally sweet, high calcium or high protein .
Another trending here at Icons is the exclusive system of preparing coffee.The world’s most expensive coffee like Kopi Luwak & Panama Geisha is prepared with a special method , this live coffee making in a siphon was witnessed by all of us at the event.
Additionally, variety of Frappe tastings kept flowing throughout the evening which included great flavors like Strawberry, Date, Lemon, Caramel etc.
Some assorted cakes which we tried were Dark Chocolate Cake, Macadamia Brownie, Carrot Cake, Hazelnut Beetroot Muffins, all were amazingly soft and mouth melting …. Some other specialties are Milk Chocolate Mousse, German Apple Crumble, Cinnamon Cheese Cake etc.
I would recommend all these cake flavors with zero sugar added , hand crafted German recipes and 100 percent organic coffee. Maintain a healthy lifestyle as offered by Icons Coffee Couture!

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