Mozaique Restaurant-Fujairah Rotana Resort Staycation

Splendidly located amongst the mountains and sea, Fujairah Rotana Resort is a much popular and favorite tourist attraction. Comfortable rooms provide stunning sea and garden views. The hotel has a wide & brightly lit entrance lobby . Pool and lush green maintained garden adds magnificence to the natural beach beauty.
Additionally hotel provides many more attractions to make the stay a memorable one which includes kids water rides , indoor games, bar, spa, gym & water sports etc.
Day starts with a lavish breakfast in the Mosaique restaurant, which has a huge variety of breakfast items, live cooking station providing eggs of your choice, fresh juices, breads, and all sorts of breakfast delicacies including Arabic, Indian, English etc some of the dishes included Chicken & Beef Mortadella,Turkey bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Chicken Sausages, Grilled Tomatoes, Grilled Mushrooms, Idli, Vegetable Curry, Roasted Potatoes, Ful Medames a Somali dish ( stewed beans served with chopped vegetables , lemon juice etc), some sweet delights included Pears in cardamom Syrup, Peaches in Star Anise syrup, Bread & Butter Pudding,sliced fruits, variety of cheese, hot & cold mezzeh, cakes, breads, croissants, crepes etc.
Restaurant is very spacious with clear glass windows with an outside garden view. Restaurant as well as entire hotel staff is cooperative .

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