As we all know UAE is inhabited by multi cultures & with this diversity of culture obviously an array of cuisines are likely to prevail in the region which also includes many fusion cuisines. We had a similar experience of Chinese fusion dinner in a small attractive outlet serving authentic Chinese food, situated in JLT. Blue Sapphire restaurant has an amazing menu serving Chinese dishes as well as with a fusion.
Soups, dim sums/starters, rice, noodles etc additionally many more dishes have also been added recently to their summer menu , which are light and at the same time healthy , restaurant manager Mr.John & chefs are smartly doing their job by creating light and nutritious recipes for the guests.
We were warmly welcomed by the cheerful staff, and well guided by the competent manager Mr john who has a good knowledge of all the recipes offered in their restaurant.
We were offered iced tea as per our choice upon arrival. The menu was explained to us and we were told that most dishes are prepared with an Indian & Chinese touch in the cooking methods which is quite normal for the dishes to be spicy and hot.To start with we opted for Tom Yum Soup and mixed Seafood soup. Clear Tom Yum soup was perfect in taste with shrimps and Thai veggies. While the rest of dishes were getting ready, we were offered Chinese Kimchi on our table, such a delicious munching item with a crunch and a bit soggy type of chevda with special spices ….
Variety of dim sums were truly delicious stuffed with vegetable, shrimp & chicken and had distinctive flavor in each. Another special chicken dish was Fried Pepper Chicken , juicy & moist Chicken pieces well coated with the delicious & a bit spicy sauce , enjoyed eating it!
The special summer menu items are:
1.Char Siu Chicken
2. Fungus Chicken W/ Black Bok Choy
3. Schezwan Noodles
4. Tangra Hakka Hot Chicken
5. Minced Chicken Lettuce Cups
Our mains included a great spread of dishes from their menu …. Schezwan Noodles , Fungus Chicken, vegetable fried rice, Chicken with Vegetables & hot garlic & Char Sui Chicken.
Char Sui Chicken was a gorgeous plate of boneless sliced chicken pieces served with coated sauce…. The chicken is marinated for couple of days and prepared with a special method which was less in oil well cooked and so flavorful ….I would recommend to try this. Similarly Fungus Chicken was another amazing recipe with mild flavors , great to go with the noodles. The whole selection of main dishes was absolute in taste.
The wrap up of a menu …dessert is always the most impressive part of a menu , because of taste, decoration and presentation of the dish, so was here, the scoops of mint ice-cream combined with chocolate chips served with banana slices and garnished with crispy noodles and nuts. Must try this blissful combination dessert named Blue Sapphire Summer Dessert….
If you fancy eating chinese food in a calm ambiance at a charming outlet with the most pleasant staff and best flavors in each dish … must plan a visit to Blue Sapphire Chinese Restaurant.
They also have outdoor seating arrangement which is going to be ideal in the upcoming winter months with beautiful lake and JLT views.
Opening Hours: Weekdays : 11 am – 11 pm
Weekends: 11 am – 12 pm.



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