C.taste – Centro Al Manhal by Rotana Abu Dhabi

A very stylish chunk of the very well known Rotana group is the one situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Centro Al Manhal …… a comprehensive hotel just next to Al Wahda Mall and many other major avenues of Abu Dhabi. Hotel stands tall prominently, with a small entrance lobby,welcoming staff, stylish décor & comfortable seating. At its different levels,guests enjoy here C. Deli which has take away dining , C.mondo bar, and C.taste restaurant all day dining.
We had the pleasure of a memorable dinner here couple of days back in its C. taste restaurant which is serving special Arabic themed buffet these days. Wooden flooring, rust leather chairs along with dim light effect makes an interesting atmosphere. Restaurant hall is split into smoking and non-smoking areas, additionally families can also opt to sit in some cornered tables set in accordance to dine without being interrupted in their privacy. Clear glass windows gives the outer view. Arabic touch has been given with a display of traditional Arabic spices in a corner along with Arabic coffee.
The buffet had a good spread of dishes, the best part of their menu was it had variety for everyone! As the name says Arabic themed buffet, but the best selection of dishes has been done with a complete balance where you will find best veg & non-veg items. Selection of hot Mezzah, special Arabic dishes like the very famous Lamb Ouzi, Lamb Stew with Potato, Vermicelli Rice, Roasted Potatoes, Beef Steak with Pepper sauce, Threed , Grilled Fish with Harrah Sauce, Grilled Vegetable Pesto, Beef lasagna, Lamb Biryani , additionally Chef was continuously busy serving grills at the live grill station, which seemed to be a big hit as I did not see the chef taking break for a minute, he was continuously delivering grills.
Lamb and chicken skewers were very moist & delicious served along with special chuttney/ dip.
Fish was great in flavor and so was the lamb biryani with rich lamb pieces is a must try. I tried very small portions of a few more items, each was authentic in terms of taste and quality.
We started with Lentil soup, followed by the line of salads which included all sorts of leafy mixed vegetables & fruits like Broccoli, Red Onion & Pine Nuts Salad, Apple, Pomegranate & Radish Salad, Pesto Pasta Salad with Turkey bacon, olives, many types of dressings, hummus , tabbouleh, cheese varieties and a lot more.
Again desserts also had a mix variety of Arabic and other desserts to relish on. The presentation was equally great as the taste. After getting so much stuffed with the delicious food, we still could not resist to take bites from all desserts , as the decoration was so tempting and inviting ….. Umm Ali, Apple Crumble, Date Cake, delicious sauces to accompany desserts like Strawberry & Passion Fruit sauce, Chocolate Mousse, Banana Caramel Pudding, Profitrols, Ellysee Cake, Peaches with whipped Cream served in glasses, fresh fruits , jallebis and assorted Arabic sweets including baklava & Kunafa……. We actually need to have an extra tummy for such amazing variety…. Do plan for this Arabic themed buffet … we were taken care & guided well by our lovely attendant Rowena and hotel in charge Thusantha.
Arabic Qehwa is on display which you can enjoy along with dates .
Friday Arabian Night Buffet has a  reasonable rate of 119 Dirhams. Breakfast and lunch is also served.

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