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Nestled in the Food Court of one of the busiest places in Dubai , Dubai Airport Free Zone …. This Food Court caters all office community of DAFZA for their breakfasts, meetings over coffee & lunch gatherings . Its very hard to find parking , paid parking is available and the first hour is free.
We were there for lunch so it was obvious for the Food Court to be crowdy. Coffee Club is situated prominently on one side, roomy outlet with an outside arrangement as well which is obviously of no use in this hot weather but is certainly ideal during winters. The Café has a very neat and organized appearance and clear glass windows makes the ambiance bright additionally the grass décor on the wall and earthy color scheme leaves a pleasant effect.
Staff is very cheerful. Our cooperative attendant Getty helped us in the menu and otherwise.
We previously tried the Chicken dishes at their Jumeirah outlet. The amazing flavor was still in mind, so other than any burgers or sandwiches we straight away asked for Chicken Cashew Nut Stir Fry and Thai Green Chicken Curry, both are served with rice. My full recommendations are for these two dishes. The aroma and flavor of Thai curry is so authentic . Both dishes are good enough in quantity. Stir fried chicken is well coated with sauce with a rich garnish of cashews and veggies. One lead which this outlet has on other Coffee Club locations is the price……we found the same dishes much cheaper here as compared to the rest of branches. Cafe attracts a good crowd.

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