Revolutionary dining app KEZA makes its debut in Dubai

KEZA; here to make your dining lives that little bit easier. Launching soon, this new app is a leap and bound towards 21st century dining in Dubai. Boasting a host of features from menu browsing to paying the bill – KEZA will be the restaurant key in your back pocket.

Foodies can indulge in the behind the scenes feature that will take them into the kitchens of some of the top chefs; from recommendations to insights they will have on demand access to it all – a chefs table on your phone. Diners will also be able to use the app to browse the restaurant menu and place orders straight from their table, but that’s not all, at the push of a button users will be able to call for a waiter, manager or shisha waiter to their table side completely eliminating the uncomfortable wave we all know and hate in busy restaurants.

Come the end of the meal, tables can split the bill easily between the party and pay then and there with an easy mobile payment application. Restaurants can then be rated with a simple star system and diners will be able to view recommendations from friends and connections for the best restaurants and dishes making choosing a meal even easier.

The KEZA app will be user friendly, clean, and easy to navigate. It will be a quick go to option for busy restaurants or those looking for a quick bite. With a choice of restaurants on board from cafés to fine dining you will always be able to just KEZA it.

Started three years ago by a passionate foodie who, frustrated by the service and archaic practices of some restaurants in the city, decided it was time to bring the dining scene into the 21st century.

CEO Nida Sumar, recognized by Entrepreneur Middle East as on of MENA’s Achieving Women’s Who’s Who, is a woman of many talents; from finance to cooking she wears many hats and has used them all to create KEZA. Her head for business and passion for food is what has driven her to create something new and with a strong team of equally passionate people behind her, KEZA will become a go to for all foodies, diners and families.

As a company KEZA is passionate about women’s welfare and empowerment all over the world. They are currently funding the education of three girls as well as the recovery and training of four women who have been the victims of abuse. They have supported their training, offered counseling where needed and are helping them to find employment, but it doesn’t stop there, Sumar takes a personal interest in each case and will find a way to offer help to those who need it the most.

KEZA chose Dubai as their flagship launch city because of the diverse dining culture it is known for, from the glittering restaurants of celebrity chefs to the well worn street side cafeterias, the food scene here is second to none. From here they plan on expanding to Karachi, Pakistan before the year is out with more locations in the very near future.

To sign up for KEZA and be the first to go beyond dining visit now.

Thanks Keza team for having us at the launch event. Being a foodie, I would highly recommend it. Loved the idea of having multiple dining facilities in an app. The arrangement hospitality and display done by the keza team  done at Life n’ One cafe was amazing. Wishing a successful launch and great time ahead Keza !!






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