Life n’ One Café Jumeirah 1 Dubai

Couple of months back we explored a hidden mini garden in Jumeirah when we were invited at the launch event of Keza app. As the car was parked in a small parking lot , we were still in search of Life n’One Café which is cornered on one side with an unnoticeable access, but after walking inside the entrance lobby and as I moved further inside, my interpretation reversed. In the dessert I was standing in the midst of beautiful foliage, shrubs and flora …. Wow and it took me few minutes to come out of this colorful atmosphere to see the host who invited me….. I enjoyed spending time in this mini garden with wooden benches set in the corners with some antique touch in decor, several attractions like display of fruits & vegetables on grass, hanging tea pots, flowering pots etc makes a very interesting ambiance. They also have indoor arrangement.
Other than ambiance we were served light bites and healthy drinks and refreshments from their menu. Their nourishing and light menu was in accordance to the ambiance of their garden. Refreshments included healthy pasta, grilled veggies, avocado & sesame and bulgur salad, pomegranate salad, and on top of it ice tea infused with fresh fruits and mint which gave much pleasure in the humid and hot weather.

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