Paris Gallery Suhoor At Laylati Tent Grand Hyatt Dubai

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Paris Gallery, the region’s leading luxury retailer, hosted a media suhoor last week to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. Held at the Layalti Café Ramadan Tent at the Grand Hyatt hotel, the event brought together esteemed members of UAE’s media industry for an evening of fun, socializing & a sumptuous feast.

Laylati tent has spread over a wide area in Grand Hyatt Dubai with all its grandeur and magnificent interior . Beautiful lanterns are decorated throughout the walk way as you approach the tent. Interior has a dream like atmosphere with soft shades of ivory, delicate chandelier lights and chiffon drapes.
One can spent hours gossiping in groups with shisha and the delicious set Arabic menu which is on offer for Suhoor here.
There is still time to make the most of your Suhoor nights with friends and families at Laylati Tent, relax, unwind and enjoy the food and variety of desserts here.
The private seating slots with partitions within the tent can be reserved for families and private gatherings with comfortable sofas, cushions and decked in accordance to Ramadan. Those are just adorable!
We started with fresh juices, followed by the variety of hot & cold mezzeh & salads like Tabbouleh, Fattoush, stuffed vine leaves, Hummus, beans, Labneh, bread etc
In main dishes we had a platter of mixed grills which was perfectly grilled and juicy , Sujuk , Fried fish & Chips and Spring Rolls.
Desserts included the very delicious Muhallabia garnished with fresh pomegranates & pistachio, Assorted Arabic sweets like basbousa, baklava etc, Umm Ali, dates and sliced fresh fruits.
Coffee , tea etc are also being served here.
Plan a visit at Laylati tent for a memorable Suhoor night, great ambiance, delicious food , shisha and company this Ramadan.

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