Iftar At Dubai Ballroom – JW Marriott Marquis

One of my recent Iftars was at the world’s tallest Hotel JW Marriott Marquis Restaurant’s Dubai Ballroom. Iftar was hosted by Medeor 24×7 Hospital which was attended by special guests, entire Company’s members , media & bloggers.
Dubai Ballroom is magnificently decorated with off white drapes and furniture with a blue light effect keeps the entire atmosphere enthralling. The Ramadan styled ornamentation with lanterns and a very extensive setup of seating adds beauty to the Ballroom. They also have splendid turquoise and ivory colored private rooms set for families to relax for hours during iftar hours.
The buffet menu is amazingly widespread , I have come across very few restaurants which are offering such an extensive range of dishes. Dubai Ballroom being one of them. Al fanous restaurant attached with Ballroom here caters many cuisines , the dining hall is pretty big with organized live cooking stations as well. You have a lot to choose from……
Special Ramadan drinks were lined up like Jallab, Laban Up, Tamer Hindi, Kammarudin,
From line of main dishes I started from Arabic corner which had prominently displayed Whole Lamb Ouzi, mixed grills, Shrimp Machbous, Dawood Basha, Lamb Harris, Whole Baked Fish, Kibbeh and Shish Barak, Stuffed vine leaves with Lamb Chops, Beef with seperately served natural Jus.
Other more dishes were Penne Alfredo, Salmon was served in many forms like Scottish Salmon.
Dimsum counter had the most delectable Prawn Hakao, Chicken and Vegetable Gyoza .
Next I moved on to Indian dishes counter where I had the most flavorful authentic Lamb Biryani, they also had Dal Makhani, Steamed Basmati Rice, Butter Chicken and much more.
In soups they had Lentil Soup and Mushroom Soup.
Not to forget the Sushi station where variety of amazing Sushi delicacies were seen which included Tuna , salmon , shrimps and many varieties in Sushi. Salmon was served in different ways like Poached Salmon, Hoisin Cured Salmon, Herb Crusted Salmon. Peking Duck pancakes is another item to indulge in here.
Obviously it was not possible to try all but at each counter I tasted one thing or the other and found a new distinctive flavor in each dish.
There was a separate station for all kinds of salads, hot and cold mezzeh like Cheese Rukakat, Meat Sambousek, Meat Kibbeh, Spinach Fatayer, Vegetable Spring rolls etc.
A lot of fresh green salads, and range of mixed salads, Hummous, Fatoush, Muhammara, Blistered Cherry Tomatoes, Red Snapper Roulade, Compressed Melon and Feta, Braised Endive Salad etc.
Additionally some Thai styled salads were Thai Papaya Salad, Pomelo Salad, Asian Green with Yuzu dressing Wakame Salad.
The desserts station had an unlimited selection to satisfy your sweet tooth. I randomly picked up many items on my plate and enjoyed the lip smacking Ras malai and many more, but for the reader’s reference the lined up desserts were ………. Carrot ( Gajar) Halwa, Apple Cinnamon Tarts, Apricot Mouhalabieh, Assorted baklavas, Umm Ali, Kunafa, Znoud Al Seet, Truffle Chocolate Cake, Baked Yogurt, Katayef Walnut, Dutch Truffle cake, Blue berry Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Pod De Crème, Aish Al Sarayah, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Dates with Pistachio, Raspberry Lolly Pops, Ras Malai, White Chocolate Lolly Pops, Hazelnut Lolly Pops, Luqmat, Basbousa, Awamat, Mango Tart and ice cream. So this was all about the extensive range of blissful desserts.
You still have time to indulge in the luscious meals here at Dubai Ballroom during this Ramadan. Do try one of your iftars for a memorable dining experience!

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