After attending so many Iftar previews with line of dishes served in Buffet, And if you are a type of foodie doting meat dishes, biryani, Ouzis and indulging in those blissful dream desserts…… you would never be impressed with the idea of simple veg meal for breaking your Iftar…….. but here I start by sharing a similar experience of a pure vegetarian restaurant who invited me as part of their iftar preview…. Keeping in mind simple vegetables, rice, daal etc I was at Govinda’s restaurant in Jumeirah few days back , it has gained much fame not only amongst the vegetarians but at the same time these days when each one of us is looking to have a balanced low calorie meal and more over if it is done under the supervision of a proper nutritionist. Who doesn’t ideally want all this at the same time? Govinda’s provide light healthy meals their menu has a wide range of Indian and Italian recipes.
This double story outlet is conveniently located in Jumeirah. Beautiful color scheme of ivory and sea green leaves a light effect .Outdoor seating is also available.
The menu for Ramadan includes two choices of appetizers, 2 main courses, salad, drink and date ice-cream. We started with our water melon drinks, the choice for Ramadan drinks are Water melon juice or Glass of grape .
Salad in menu is very special moong sprout salad ….. so light and healthy option which can be eaten with many variations like accompanied with yogurt or any kind of dip or a homemade sauce / chuttney or pickle of your choice we were served mint yogurt raita, pickles and lemon wedges along with this salad….. moong daal is soaked overnight in water and it split opens to make an amazing edible item which is healthy and at the same time filling.
In starter, the gorgeous set platter of Bruschetta and Achari Paneer Tikka were just irresistible, the desi ( Indian) styled marinated grilled paneer without any oil and on the other hand the simple and light tomato Bruschetta is in itself a complete balanced starter plate. They also have tandoori baby corn in Ramadan menu .
Main courses offered as part of Ramadan are again a fusion of traditional Indian & Italian recipes and the offers are …. Shahi tava vegetables or Paneer Angara with Jawar roti , Risotto Al Alamandra or Whole Wheat Peperoncino Pizza but you have a choice to select two out of these ….we opted for Paneer Angara with Jawar roti and Whole Wheat Peperoncino Pizza. The concept of pizza is done in a healthy way with whole wheat and was not less than in taste and quality. Paneer Angara is a flavorful item without any addition of oil mild gravy great to go with jawar roti.
They have a wide selection of natural ice creams with unique flavors actually all are a must try….will have to visit again for trying those mouth watering flavors like Orange ginger, Anjeer ki bahar ( fig), Mango madness, cool Lychee, Roasted Almond, Coconut, Kesar Pista, and sugar free as well , but the most blissful flavor was served to us which is in their Ramadan menu is the Date ice-cream which is completely natural with no sugar added the natural sweetness of dates and milk to break your fast.
The great news for the most sensitive and calorie conscious people is that even after having this elaborated set menu you won’t exceed above 700 calories….. while preparing the recipes these are nutritionally examined by the experts so as not to exceed the limits in calories, this nutritional check is done by the owner her self and some experts from India. I would recommend to plan your iftars for a light vegetarian set menu during Ramadan, end up with a balanced tasty meal and light feeling .
Other than Ramadan their menu includes vast variety in Anti Pasti, kebabs, tikkis, pappars,paneer tikkas, cheese seekhs in starters and so much more, they also serve lasagne, many types of Pizzas, Govindas Thali, varieties in Biryani ,vegetable main course curries, koftas etc, healthy meal options, low calorie & high protein meals, diabetic meals , in desserts variety of indian sweets and fresh fruits are available.
Great place to enjoy healthy vegetarian stuff with so many options !

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