Sababa Lounge – Fairmont The Palm

Just before the beginning of Ramadan , we  experienced another awesome Iftar Preview launch at Fairmont The Palm in its Sababa Lounge by Mezzah House, partnered with Zuhour Group. Fairmont Hotel stands gorgeously in the magnificent Palm.

At the occasion of Ramadan Sababa lounge has been ornamented and a festive look has been given  with neon wire lights plus the Ramadan décor which is incomplete with those beautiful lanterns and of course the Middle Eastern style , with numerous live cooking stations where guests can enjoy variety of Arabic & Turkish delights.

Private seating arrangement has been done in an organized way where families can relax during Iftar & Suhour hours . The capacious hall inside has an enticing ambience  to break your iftar while enjoying on the variety of meals offered during Iftar. Not only this you also get to enjoy live entertainment like Arabic band , Egyptian & Turkish Tanoura dances and for the  football fans they will be showing UEFA Euro 2016 matches each day.

In the buffet section we had the choice of soups like lentil soup and thick creamy soup.

On one side you will find variety of dates and dry fruits to relish on. Small bites of starters like salmon , cheese and cherry tomatoes and  salad bites were served throughout.

Salads include  Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Mosakaa Eggplant, Hummus, stuffed vine leaves, etc.

Main dishes had an impressive range ,on top of it was the mouth watering Lamb Ouzi richly garnished with pine nuts and cashew nuts, followed by many other dishes like Vermicelli rice, Fish Sayadieh with Rice, Okra with Lamb, Warak Enab Kousa which is a dish prepared with stuffed vine leaves, Arabic Mixed Grill …. It had the selection of chicken and lamb kebabs and  cold shrimps accompanied with the lip-smacking sauce.

I took a round at the live stations outside , where chefs were busy showing their expertise, its hard to try each and every thing with such a wide-ranging menu. But I really enjoyed tasting on all the items…..  the making of traditional Luqaimat , stall serving delicious koshari, soups, juices and tamarind drink , ice-cream, kunafah, live counters for Fatayer Al Tayer, Sajj E Hara, Shawarma ,falafels, pastries and much more.

Plan one of your Iftar this Ramadan to indulge in  wide -spread  delights and great atmosphere!


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