Denny’s Ramadan Iftar Special

Last week I got to try another delightful meal at Denny’s on Sheikh Zayed Road. After its successful running in Al Ghurair Centre,the American chain of Restaurants has gained much popularity within one year since its opening at Sheikh Zayed Road.
The restaurant has a double story arrangement with enough seating capacity, suitable for families and groups of friends. A small kids play area outside as well as outdoor seating has also been done . We were warmly welcomed by the staff and got to try some of their best selections from the menu as we were well guided by our attendant Marie.
We opted for watermelon drinks , followed by the rich creamy chicken & mushroom soup which was quite delicious , with soft chicken chunks and mushrooms in each bite…. What a sumptuous bowl of soup to break your iftar in a healthy way. Along with it were served the big sized plates of Ceasar salad heaped with fresh lettuce leaves drizzled with olive oil, croutons and slight garnish of cheese. These items will be served complimentary throughout Ramadan upon purchase of a main course at the time of Iftar, not only this dates and drinks will also be served complimentary for Iftar.
our main dish was the most delectable Rib Eye Steak & Shrimps …… upon our choice it was fully cooked , juicy and full of flavors. Accompaniment of Golden Fried Shrimps was great. The side items were corns & grilled veggies. Thus we ended up with a complete balanced & healthy meal , because our last delightful session of dessert had the most luscious Pancake Puppies Sundae ….. which had deep fried pan cake balls coated with cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice-cream,you can also have a different flavor in ice-cream . This Ramadan offer is really tempting and attractive where you get to enjoy soup, salad and many other items for free along with your main course. Thanks denny’s and Shaz World!

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