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Amongst the bunch of restaurants in Wafi, Biella stands significant to accommodate Italian flavors in the town for diverse cultures who are ready to delight their taste buds.
We had the pleasure of experiencing a memorable dinner in Biella. With its entrances from either sides and a widespread seating arrangement outside with a small rockery & special smoking and non smoking zones best suited for winter days to enjoy the Italian flavors. The restaurant ambience is quite calm with a soft effect of dim lights. Variety of cheese and salads display on one side in a counter and a natural touch in ornamentation has been done with festoons of onions and garlic . Live cooking counter is contiuously busy with the chefs rushing to deliver orders and showing their expertise.
Biella offers variety of home made pasta, flavored or regular along with the specially prepared sauces by their chefs, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and many other Italian products are also available to purchase. Biella restaurant at Wafi offers exclusive month end sales for all these products.

We were immersed in the revitalizing combinations of juices….
1. Acevita …. It was a blend of fresh carrots & orange juice topped with passion fruit. Just amazing drink!
2. Merogola was the other healthy and tasty option of watermelon & strawberry with hints of grenadine syrup.

Bread / butter were served to munch on and tiny servings of Amuse Bouche which included Bucconcini cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Our cheerful guide and attendant for the evening was Jheff. All his suggestions from the menu turned out best.

Our selection of salad was a rich bowl of seafood marinated in olive oil, lemon & herbs. It was ‘’ Insalata Di Mare’’. So sumptuous platter of shrimps, mussels, calamari and salad greens.

Antipasti menu of Biella includes a lot of great recipes… our selection was ‘’Gamberoni Allaglio….. plate full of soft juicy tiger prawns with garlic, chilli, olive oil & toasted focaccia.

Next came the drool worthy ‘’ Linguine Al Cartoccio’’……. this is a must try specialty at Biella…. Seafood linguine is baked in pizza oven covered with bread. It turned out extremely flavorful , Jheff cut open the baked bread cover in front of us and we were lost in the yummiest linguine, specially enjoyed its delectable sauce.
In main course we add Braised veal shank which was served with saffron risotto & shaved parmesan cheese. The succulent meat with all its yumminess is great to go with the saffron risotto, each item speaks of its great flavors . Amazing recipes were prepared to make it truly authentic and delicious. Enjoyed a lot!

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