Experience Levantine Cuisine at the All-New “Sargon Restaurant” in the Heart of Downtown Dubai

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Sargon Restaurant” opened its doors bringing to Dubai an authentic dining experience that promises to be a delight for all the senses. The restaurant now welcomes its visitors for morning coffee, lunch, dinner, and bites in between. Located in Downtown Dubai overlooking Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, it is set to become as popular as its well-known sister restaurant “Naranj” of Damascus favoured by heads of states from across the world.

Named “Sargon” after the founder of the Akkadian Empire, King Sargon the first, the restaurant presents a menu that is unique, diverse and embraces the gastronomic sophistication that the Levant region has developed over the centuries.

Benefiting from the diversity in this distinctive area and its rich legacy when it comes to the art of cooking. The flavorsome dishes, include a distinctive mezze selection, served as appetizers, and do not end with succulent mixed grills. The spectacular main courses, such as Turkish Kebabs, ribs and lamb fillet cooked with truffles, are complemented with an extensive assortment of tempting desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

The interior space at “Sargon Restaurant” boasts the royal red and gold colors with contemporary Arabic-inspired patterns providing the ultimate in community dining and the ideal location for meetings, relaxation, socialization or celebratory feasts. The two sized halls have been parted to provide the guests with the facility of smoking and non smoking areas.
The restaurant also offers an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy views of the vibrant Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and Burj Khalifa while puffing their favourite shisha flavors. The extensive outdoor seating has been done all over around the restaurant , terraces have been divided into sections much suitable for groups of friends or families to sit without disturbing their privacy. Not only this guests can also enjoy the liveliness of Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard at the roadside sitting arrangement, which is going to be much ideal during Winter days.
We had the pleasure of attending Sargon’s Official opening Dinner . Event was attended by many esteemed guests and media. The female staff in bright colored traditional attires & lanterns decorated at the entrance lobby were really enchanting. With Ramadan just around the corner Sargon Restaurant had given touch of Ramadan theme. Soft & comfy gold & red velvet chairs gave an interesting effect with the gold shade wooden tables.
We were welcomed by the active and cheerful staff Our attendant for the evening was Zaki who guided & served us well. The restaurant ambience was made lively with live Turkish melodies. Welcome drinks were served to us along with their specialty Tamarind drink which kept flowing in throughout the evening .
We had feta cheese mixed with cucumber & tomatoes and seasoned butter with zaatar & olive oil, both these were good to go with soft mini buns. Next we had the variety in salads and mezzes which included
1. Spinach Quinoa Tabouleh salad …. Fresh spinach leaves are chopped and mixed with quinoa, tomatoes, lemon juice, mint & spring onions with a garnish of orange slices so healthy!!
2. Hummus with Tahini …. If someone is still unaware with this famous all time favorite appetizer ….. it is made by making a paste of stewed chickpeas blended with Tahini sauce , lemon etc.
3. Dolma… stuffed vine leaves.
4. Beetroot Mutabbal …… cooked & mashed beetroots mixed with Tahini and yogurt.
5. Fattoush Betenjan …. Fattoush with fried eggplant. Again another healthy and sumptuous item on the menu.

In Appetizerss we had :
1. Olive oil Dish Beans and Spinach….. it had broad beans & spinach separately cooked in olive oil with garlic & coriander. The interesting part is these are stuffed in mini bread pockets which is obviously quite healthy and filling.
2. Yalanji ….. Eggplants and vine leaves stuffed with bulgur and fresh tomatoes, which are then stewed in a mix of lemon sauce and pomegranate molasses.
3. In Hot Appetizers we had Cheese Kibbeh prepared with melted cheese.
4. Musakhan Djaj ( chicken)…..These spring rolls had an amazing flavor. Stuffed with boneless chicken mixed with onion, sumac & olive oil.
5. Maqaneq…… Specially prepared lamb sausages but totally different from those normal sausages, had all the yumminess in them , pan roasted with pomegranate molasses and pine nuts.

I would recommend to try this, very well infused spices and soft juicy sausages are a must try.

After having so much in the mezzes & Appetizers till now we were so filled up , but the main dishes were simply irresistible. The luscious platters of main courses offered to us were:
1. Sharhat Djaj ….. It was succulent boneless chicken pieces served with lemon, garlic, potatoes in a very lip-smacking gravy .
2. Truffle Maqlobeh…… Special rice dish with amazing flavors of lamb & truffle. Served with yogurt.

Each dish was distinctive in taste with impressive serving styles.

We had the most delightful desserts one was topped to flavor it with orange juice cooked with baloza milk . The second one with a distinguishing flavor of blueberry.

The staff here are trained to provide world-class guest service, to the exclusive ambiance and diverse entertainment program to be revealed shortly, “Sargon Restaurant” will be the must-visit destination on the city’s social map for everyone looking for a memorable culinary experience.

Open seven days a week, Sargon Restaurant menus are available as per the below timings:
Breakfast: 8AM – 12PM
Lunch & Dinner: 12PM – 2AM

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