Mado Restaurant and Cafe

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Mado is the most famous name among Turkish restaurants and cafés as well as the largest network covering around more than 400 branches in Turkey, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Russia and other countries. Now it has opened its doors in United Arab Emirates.
Mado specializes in Turkish food products and is a manufacturer of traditional high quality Turkish products. Mado branches provide Turkish sweets in its traditional Turkish bakery and famous Turkish cuisine.
We had the pleasure of attending the Grand launch of Mado Restaurant and café in Jumeirah. The event was attended and graced by famous local personalities , restaurant owners, and media.
The entrance of Mado has a bakery which is loaded with traditional Turkish products, sweets, nuts, icecream …. The most flavorful ice-cream was served to us from the huge white lump of ice cream.
Mado icecream is known around the world and Mado is the only ice cream manufacturer with 100% ntural goat’s milk products from Mado farms from the city Kahramanmarash . Ice cream is prepared without any natural preservatives or flavors and is made using the authentic 300 years old tradition called Karsambac originated from Anatolia.
The scrummy smell of those freshly baked breads had spread all over in the bakery. Fresh juices kept flowing during the event. The restaurant has enough seating capacity with its two floors. The dome shaped roof gives an impressive touch .
We were attended by the cheerful staff and soon were served with welcome drinks followed by the baked bread along with Turkish mezze which included hummus, Muhammra, freshly cut vegetables ,tabbouleh with bulgur . The Grilled Halloumi salad is an amazing addition in their menu.The green salad blended with pesto sauce and olive oil,grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant,grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes,corn,black olives and maras cheese on top.
The main dish was served in a style on longitudinal wooden platter quite impressive with a selection of mixed grills like chicken, lamb skewers, kebabs laid on breads and bulgur pilaf alongside. Enjoyed the grills as those were truly flavorful and juicy.
Above all the was the most blissful plate of mixed baklawa served with thick date syrup . Another delight was the Cheese Burma kadayif …. served with Mado ice-cream, powder pistachio and nuts or milk etc.
Their menu has a wide range of dishes and Turkish desserts. Our amazing dinner experience ended up with all time favorite Turkish coffee. Thanks to Mado team ! Each guest walked away with generously filled goody bags of chocolates, Turkish delights, nuts and dining vouchers.

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