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When I got the invitation to review Kosebasi restaurant, I got much excited not only because I was planning to try some Arabic /Turkish cuisine but at the same time looking for an inspiring venue. Kosebasi has it all! Ideally located in JBR along with the bunch of other eateries situated next to each other, but with much organized partition between each restaurant. JBR is a great hub to all type of cuisines for foodies with diversed cultures here .
While enjoying our walk at JBR we reached Kosebasi and were welcomed by the courteous staff , Although last week weather was still nice to sit and dine outside while enjoying the walk views and the liveliness of the area. But this time we preferred to sit inside in the peaceful ambience of Kosebasi, on one side is the live grilling station and the smell of those freshly baked breads is so tempting.
As part of the Ramadan menu we were offered the famous Jallab drink, while we were sipping on this amazing drink , a line of Turkish salad specialties was served to us…… it included
1. Kisir … which is soaked bulger wheat mixed with capsicum, parsley and green onions serve withTurkish spices and pomegranate sauce.
2. Zeytinyagli fasulye ….. sautéed green beans with onion and fresh tomatoes, cooked in Turkish spices and virgin olive oil
3. Coban Salata ….. cubed tomatoes and cucumber mixed with finely chopped pepper and onion served with vigin olive oil and lemon juice dressing.
4. Dolma…. Stuffed vine leaves.
5. Hummus
6. Mixed pickled vegetables
I tried Kisir for the first time liked its taste along with the freshly baked sesame coated bread, which kept coming on our table. Sautéed beans had also very good taste. We enjoyed tasting each item.

Next came the delightful platter of starters which had ……
1. Lahmacun …. thin Turkish pizza with ground meat seasoned with special herbs and spices…. It had an amazing taste.
2. Sucuklu Peynirli Boregi…. This is baked homemade dough stuffed with shredded cheese and Turkish sujuk.
3. Su Boregi ….. it is layered homemade dough boiled and filled in with crumbled feta cheese and chopped parsley.

All three starters were truly good in flavors , loved feta cheese in layers of pastry dough. Lahmacun is the best and must try !

In main course we had the Turkish specialty ‘Manti’ this traditional dish has small dumplings stuffed with spiced lamb and richly served with yogurt, sauces, nuts etc. this was another new item I tried in Turkish cuisine. The dumplings were stuffed with mildly seasoned lamb , however the yogurt on top is served plain.
Our favorite part in the menu is always grills, we had here the most luscious grill platter….. Saslik Kebap which had chicken , lamb and beef grilled kebabs served with bulgar rice grilled tomatoes and French fries . Each one was sumptuous and flavorful.
As part of the dish of the month these days they have also introduced Izgara kofte… which is minced beef grilled & seasoned with Turkish spices, cumin and served with home made bread, bulgar pilaf and tomato sauce.

The most yummiest part of a meal is always dessert part. We got to try their rich and succulent cheesy Kunafa ,it was served with Turkish black tea along side. So pleasurable to try Kunafa with Turkish tea.

Thanks Kosebasi !
I would recommend to plan a visit for one of your Iftars if you fancy eating Turkish cuisine. For a traditional Iftar, Köşebaşı offers a set Ramadan special featuring Ezo Gelin (traditional Turkish red lentil and bulgur soup) for starters, followed by a selection of hot and cold appetizers including favourites such as Hummus, Dolma (vine leaves),Zeytinyagli Fasulye (sautéed green beans with onion and fresh tomatoes), Tavuklu Boregi(homemade dough with sautéed chicken and vegetables), Fındık Üçlemesi (assorted pidettes) and more. With a selection of salads and grill options including bestsellers of tender chicken cubes, marinated beef slices and special lamb kebab, along with special Turkish desserts, guests are welcomed to join Köşebaşı throughout Ramadan from AED 109 for adults and AED 55 for children. Köşebaşı is located on JBR The Walk, where guests can also avail Iftar set menu delivery for AED 69.

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