GCC healthcare experts briefed on innovative technology that helps fight obesity

ReduStim technique uses BioMagnetic field cell activation to stimulate fat reduction

Innovations in medical technology along with healthy eating and regular exercise provide more effective solutions to abdominal obesity and associated risks  

Experts in treating obesity organized in Dubai a workshop with the presence of physicians and specialists from the Gulf region.

Referring to rising obesity levels among Gulf populations and difficulties in eliminating localized overloads of fat in the human body, the experts also called for improved awareness among doctors, nutritionists and the public on how fast deposits – especially visceral fat – can impair organ function and lead to various lifestyle diseases.

“The fat deposits are a curse for the entire population. They obey a complex phenomenon and are steadily increasing in all industrialized countries. The difficulty to overcome localized overloads by a universally applicable method is related to a multitude of parameters – heredity, hormonal, factors, environmental factors, lifestyle, food and so on,” Dr Philippe Blanchemaison, specialist in Angiology and Vascular Medicine and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris V, said.

Dr Blanchemaison was addressing the 1st Meeting on ‘Abdominal Obesity – the risk factors’ organized by the Cosmosoft Group from France to build awareness on its ReduStim medical device solution, a widely applied innovation in eliminating excess abdominal fat.

The meeting was attended by over 100 specialists, including endocrinologists, cardiologists, gynaecologists and urologists from various hospitals in the Gulf region, in addition to general physicians, aesthetic physicians and nutritionists.

Research shows that abdominal fat is the worst form of fat deposit in the human body, and particularly visceral fat, which refers to fat located around the organs, is more dangerous compared to subcutaneous fat, the other form of abdominal fat found just beneath the skin.

Although the body-mass index (BMI) is a reliable metric of total body fat, it does not show how the fat is distributed within the body. An excessive waist circumference however is often a clear indicator of unusually high levels of abdominal fat.

Dr Afra bin Katta from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) reminded the audience of the menacing levels of obesity in Gulf States, adding that it posed a complex healthcare challenge for the region.

“Visceral fat cells release fatty acids to the liver, pancreas, heart and other organs causing organ dysfunction, which in turn leads to insulin resistance higher levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. It’s also associated with breast cancer and with infertility in men. ” said Dr Bin Katta.

“Over 50% of the population in some Gulf States is obese and a few years ago, a study by Lancet journal found Kuwait and Qatar among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of obese people. Obesity places a heavy burden on our healthcare budgets and its associated risks have compounded the problem,” added Dr Bin Katta.

Regular exercise and dieting can help significantly reduce abdominal fat. “Nevertheless, food consistency associated with a regular exercise will give visible l Significant results only if it is accompanied by medically safe technology that can further stimulate fat reduction. The ReduStim device uses BioMagnetic field cell activation technique, a safe method to mobilise fat, especially the abdominal resistant kind,” said Dr Blanchemaison.

A painless technique employed globally and published in recognized medical journals, ReduStim delivers significant lasting results, has no metabolic constraints and respects the natural biological processes of the human body. “I think Redustim is currently the method with the best benefit /risk ratio with real, linear results, a total absence of risk and constant patient satisfaction because of relaxing sessions,” added Dr Blanchemaison.

“The Cosmosoft BioMagnetic fields employed by ReduStim reduce body mass by stimulating the biological mechanisms of lipolysis. With a frequency of around 50 Hz, they are at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum and correspond to weak induced currents that are totally harmless for the skin and the body,” said Daniel Greff, founder of Cosmosoft Group.


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