Seven Sands JBR – Iftar Preview


Just as you pass by adoring the stunning JBR walk area & scenic beauty of beach , amongst the line of eateries you will find one of the best Emirati cuisine conveniently tucked in on one side just near the end of JBR . The restaurant has an ideal location with its two capacious floors . A very well lit restaurant with the availability of very spacious Verandha ( covered balcony) as well. The sea views from first floor & and location is admirable.
Just with Ramadan around the corner , Seven Sands had arranged a lavish lunch as part of the Iftar Preview. We were given a warm welcome by the cheerful staff. A huge crowd of foodies kept pouring in .
Seven Sands has an Arabic inspired menu but as the Arabic dishes are mostly meat based as well as variety in vegetables are prepared in a way which are mild and full of flavors, due to this reason Arabic cuisine has always been favorite among the diverse cultures here.
Their menu has alluring Mocktails to offer like ‘’Black Cinnamon Mojito’’ ( blackberries with cinnamon stick, lime wedges, fresh mint and soda water) , then ‘’Blue Azure’’ which is a mix of blue curacao syrup, coconut syrup, pineapple juice & fresh milk. Seven sands Date Frappe is another big attraction on the menu with such an impressive serving and tasted equally good which I came to know through my fellow blogger who ordered it. Others are ‘’Seven Sands banana caramel Frappe’’, ‘’Yellow Bello’’ with passion fruit, basil & lemon juice, and ‘’Shabia’’ …. Strawberry fruit rosemary, lime and fresh lemon etc.
The sea blue fresh colors of ‘’Blue Azure’’ attracted me to order one for me. If you like coconut & pineapple flavors or Pina colada with milky hint then this is the drink to quench thirst and at the same time refreshes your mind.
I took a small portion of Soup ‘’Shorbat Harees’’ a healthy option specially when you break your fast you need to get such energetic soup to start with.
The salads had an impressive variety of hot & cold mezze, fresh green salads, combined with meat or different options, chickpea salad, chicken broccoli salad, Rocca salad with cheese, chicken and feta Greek salads in served in small portions. Roasted Eggplant & Feta Cheese with walnut dressing , mixed olives and pickles, and many sauces and dips like lemon Garlic sweet Chilli Paste, Pomegrenate syrup, Red Vinegarate with Pomegranate Malaise , Moutabel, hummus etc I tasted the chicken & Feta Greek salad and also enjoyed the hummus with the very special freshly baked turmeric bread.
Main dishes were King Fish Machbous, baked potatoes, grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, Chicken Kebab with grilled vegetables, Jesheed, Vegetable Thareed, Traditional Emirati Ouzi ( Fouga Ouzi) , Harees, Chicken Mashwai……
Jasheed is an interesting item here, fish is shredded into very fine pieces just like minced meat a dry dish, their recipe is too flavorful. Grilled chicken was moist and at the same time bit crispy enjoyed it! The very famous Ouzi is another hit in Arabic cuisine, whether its chicken or lamb they are in much big portions and sometimes lamb Ouzi has a full whole lamb in it ….. these sized pieces are laid on bed of rice in a huge tray. Quite impressive and must try ! King Fish was another delicious item …. Soft and tasty! Out of this extended menu we could only taste small portions of each. I also enjoyed Vegetable Thareed with rice.
The most captivating part was the desserts area, the variety, color and above all the taste of each dessert was so distinctive ….truly amazing …. Specially the hit on their menu is the chunky looking brown dessert ‘’Seven Sands Date Pudding’’ as you drench down the date cake chunks you get a blissful creamy sauce which is a must try ….. Other delights are the rich Umm Ali, Kunafa, White and Dark chocolate Verrines, Jivara Milk Chocolate & Mandarine Opera, Fruit Salad, Pineapple, Strawberry and Vanilla Verrines etc Tempting Eclairs were delicious too !
So being focused on Emirati food at the same time you will find fusion / combination in dishes were foodies from all cultures are taken care of. It was a perfect time spent not only having food but the relaxing ambiance & view makes your time a memorable one. Thanks to Seven Sands for the Emirati Hospitality and the sweet Sovineers given away to each one of us.



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