Raju Omlet – Al Quoz Dubai

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I heard a lot about Raju Omlet, got a chance to relish their food when I was invited by Pallavi for a Zomato Blogger’s Meetup.
The outlet portrays typical old fashioned styles and traditions from India. As Pakistan and India share many cultural practices specially when it comes to cooking . The restaurant atmosphere , those old fashioned wooden shelves , wall illustrations and pictures reminded me of back home. If antiques and old styles fascinates you , then this is the place to spent hours in the restaurant while enjoying on their yummy food.
The old styled clay jars ( martbaan) were displayed on wooden shelves,these jars were used by our grand mothers to preserve pickles and chuttneys .The silver tea pots used in olden days for making tea were hung ,old fashioned radio, suit cases, steam iron and many things keeps you busy while your order is getting ready.
We started with their special cutting tea, which is a specialty by preparing with a quick method quite popular in Bombay, India which I came to know through fellow bloggers. I ordered fresh orange juice as well which was served with the addition of slight salt. Must try !
The extensive breakfast menu included different dishes of eggs , paneer, chicken etc. We had two type of Omletes ….Power Omlet and Cheese masala Omlet. Power Omlet turned greenish and was spicy with green chillies too good to enjoy with parathas , they served both parathas & Pav. Same was cheese omlet richly filled with cheese and spices , tasted good!
Gravies included Veg Masala Paneer Bhurji , Egg Laziz & Chatpata Boiled Tikka . We had two varieties in Paneer Bhurji, one was with a hint of tomatoes & onions . Both had an amazing mild taste . Cheese Masala Pav was another yummy item which was specially served to bloggers .
We were quite filled up with the food, but this was not enough, staff generously served variety of their rolls….. Egg & Cheese Rolls, Pahadi Chicken Rolls & Aloo Cheese Rolls. All had a very good taste but my recommendations are more for the Chicken Pahadi Roll. Sumptuously stuffed with spiced moist chicken chunks savor with green chutney. Cutting Chai and juices kept flowing in upon our requests. A must visit place to enjoy light but healthy options in meals due to which it attracts a huge crowd of foodies. Thanks Zomato and Raju omlet for inviting and for the meal voucher giveaways as well.

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