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To welcome the forthcoming Holy month of Ramadan, The Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre’s Medley Restaurant turned into a pure festive Ramadan mood last week. We were invited for Pre-Iftar dinner.
The accommodation at Medley is massive and impressive with sections within the hall best suited to cater the needs of families and big gatherings for Iftar parties etc They also have an outside sitting arrangement. We were welcomed by the cheerful staff at the reception with a true Arabic hospitality style serving coffee. Beautiful lanterns on the floor looked fascinating .
Restaurant had a relaxing atmosphere with light Arabic tunes, neutral color scheme of the hall and olive green comfy leather chairs,traditional lanterns on each table and small servings of salad, juices/laban, dates, olives etc were set on each table to break the fast.
Followed by this was an immense line of salads, starters , soups, main courses , desserts etc
With its Moroccan inspired menu and at the same time Arabic/Turkish, lebanese dishes the restaurant had a long line of salads, dips, sauces hot & cold mezze…. Out of those many I tried ‘’Mohamra’’ a very delicious tangy paste/dip made of garlic, olives, chilli etc with a heavy garnish of walnuts is a must try if you like eating spices, labneh with cucumber is too good to go with the grills and freshly baked khubus and sweet potato paste, stuffed vine leaves, fresh green salad as well. But again you will find a handsome variety in salads to satisfy the moods and requirement of each foodie.
Starters included Tempuras both spicy and non spicy, assorted savory mezzes, safeeha meat ( lebanese savory meat pies). Live shawarma station kept delivering small shawarmas throughout. Hot fresh sumptuous shawarmas are a must try!
I enjoyed the rich delightful Harira soup.
It was hard to choose from the impressive variety of Main courses , both meat lovers and vegetarians were taken care of …… I was glad to see the mix grills which has always been my favorite item in any restaurant, on the other hand the very famous and impressive item of Arabic cuisine The Lamb Ouzi doubled my excitement. If it is new to you it’s a dish of sized meat pieces of the whole lamb served on a bed of rice. The staff keep threading the pieces to make it convenient in serving and eating. Its amazing!
Grills included chicken and beef I liked moistness and flavors in the grilled pieces.
Main dishes were Lamb Tajine, Stuff Baby Marrow & Eggplant, CousCous Vegetables, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tajine, Moroccan Lamb Sweet, Kofta Tajine, and Moroccan safe .
It was not possible to taste each dish but after having enjoying with few I had an idea how delicious each dish must be. Being a fan of meaty dishes I found Lamb Tajine very flavorful , Moroccan Lamb sweet was another succulent dish which has a sweet and tangy flavor, somewhat similar to the traditional Moroccan dish ‘’Mrouzia’’ in which lamb is prepared with honey, raisins,& garnished with almonds. Sweet Kofta tajine was good to go with Biryani.
The entire menu is so lip-smacking with a diverse culture here in UAE you get to try a fusion touch in some recipes, so that everyone has a memorable time here at Medleys.
The most enchanting counter which captivated the attention of all foodies was of desserts . Variety & ample dates were served in the traditional style, sized containers filled up with fresh fruits and assortment of mini pastries, fruit tarts, Kunafa, Umm Ali, Basbousa, luqmat, puddings, cheese cakes, cakes, etc. Each has its own distinction in taste. Another truly rich dessert I tried here is a dish of mixed dry nuts heavily coated in sugar syrup……. specially suited for the month of Ramadan where your body needs energy providing food when you break the fast.
I ordered fresh orange juice for myself , they have variety of drinks/juices being served upon your choice.
A memorable Preview Iftar experience great food , service and ambience . My recommendations for a memorable Iftar at Pullman Medleys Restaurant.
Amazing evening spent ,many lucky guests walked away with dinner & hotel stay vouchers through a lucky draw held by Pullman Hotel & Resort.

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