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The Counter Burger Dubai Mall hosted an interesting event end of April, the much awaited grand finale ….it was part of the competition which was called on by the Counter Burger …. all the foodies and burger lovers had to go to The Counter Burger and build their burgers using stuffing/ingredients of their choice,name this burger & share it on Counter Burger page. The most interesting entries were chosen by the judges Kris fade and Secret Squirrel .
Zomato played a vital role as well during the competition , Zomato invited its foodie members to enjoy counter meals by giving away 200 Dhs meal vouchers and take part in the competition. I availed the voucher in JBR branch not here. Will soon share my experience of the other branch.
About the competition, It was a thrilling process and specially the final day itself . The short listed burger entries in the final round were carefully judged and tasted by the two famed judges. And finally The Counter Burger had their proud winner who walked away with a year supply of burgers and the entry to be added on the Counter Burger menu. Not only this all participants walked away with goodies and vouchers from The Counter Burger. Guests got a chance to sample on many different combinations and flavors at the Counter Burger.
After the event ended, we bought our own burgers , selected our burger filling/ingredients as per our choice ….. my burger was a bit hot and on spicy side, I opted for beef burger in bun with jalapenos but to give it a twist I had dried cranberries along with lettuce & cucumber, cranberries gave a very chic look to my burger and tasted good as well. Instead for the gooey melted cheese I opted greek feta cheese and Chipotle Aioli sauce . Burger was quite rich and sumptuous. Our second burger was again beef and spicy with jalapenos and Dil Pickle chips, lettuce , mayonnaise, fresh Mozzarrella cheese .
Their outlet in Dubai Mall is not very spacious , building your burger according to your choice is interesting.

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