For the first time in Dubai, The Stuffed Burger Company, a restaurant dedicated to serving mouth-watering stuffed burgers opened on Tuesday in Jumeirah. The exclusive launch gathered foodies alike to taste the newest burger concept in town.

With their unique take on burgers, The Stuffed Burger Company is the first burger joint in Dubai with a menu specialized in carefully crafted stuffed burgers, blending delicious fillings into their burger patties with the best sourced ingredients.

“With the perfect blend of freshness and juiciness we aim to truly redefine the art of burger-making with our innovative stuffed burgers,” said Mohamed Zakout, Founder of The Stuffed Burger Company.

The Stuffed Burger and Co signature five burgers include Three Cheese, Pizzaburger, Mushroom &Swiss, Blue Cheese and Roasted Tomato& Garlic fillings. The menu also offers staple American dishes like charbroiled beef burgers, a veggie friendly Garden Burger along with delicious chicken wings, Fried Jalapeno Poppers, Sliders and their signature Loaded Fries.

The restaurant also offers a variety of delectable flavours for regular or boneless chicken wings which include, Habanero, Cajun, Mild Buffalo, Smoked BBQ, Chipotle Ranch, Honey Mustard and Sweet Chili.

Signature desserts include Oreo, Lotus and Brownie S’mores Milkshakes in addition to a scrumptious Lotus and White Chocolate Cake.

The new burger joint uses only the freshest ingredients handmade and prepared-daily, with freshly baked potato buns, ensuring a tastier and fluffier texture, free range chicken and pure beef ground meat.

The Stuffed Burger Co offers a special promotion where customers can add 14 AED to any of their burger or chicken wings orders and receive unlimited soft drinks and French Fries.

Knowing that nearly 60 percent of the sandwiches sold globally are actually burgers The Stuffed Burger Co strives to be part of providing customers with the best dining experience with its carefully crafted mouth-watering stuffed burger patties.

“The Stuffed Burger Company is a concept that suits all tastes. Our variety of delicious fillings and menu items will satisfy any cravings,” said Osama Zakout, Co-founder, Manager and the Chef behind all the succulent recipes at the Stuffed Burger Company.

Set in a comfy and funky interior, customers will feel at ease in the restaurant’s welcoming indoor atmosphere. They will also be able to enjoy the al fresco dining option with views of Burj Al Arab in the restaurant’s prime Jumeirah Road location in the heart of Dubai.

Delivery options are also available across all of Jumeirah Road until Burj Al Arab Hotel and from Jumeirah Beach Road to Sheikh Zayed Road.

We had the pleasure of tasting the entire range of delectable burgers in their menu. At the the launch evening of Stuffed Burgers in Jumeirah their petite lively outlet was fondly packed with the burger lovers , the owner , chef and entire staff gave a very warm welcome to all foodies . From the menu we selected lemon and peach tea each for ourselves . My peach tea was so refreshing along with the hint of peach flavor so was the lemon tea for hubby.
We were offered the very special ‘’Loaded Fries’’ richly covered with cheese and also bacon, grilled onions and their special secret sauce, very good to go with the fries. Enjoyed the onion rings as well with all its crispness and taste.
Our first Burger sample was ‘’ Three Cheese’’ which is a great item for cheese lovers loaded with Mozzarella, Feta, Cheddar,and The Company Sauce. Burger had a very good taste.
Next came the very impressive and gorgeously stuffed ‘’Pizza Burger’’ which was magically done with pepperoni,Mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce. My full recommendations are for Pizza Burger….must try and indulge in the art of the stuffed beef patty and at the same time maintaining its flavor.

Our third burger sample was the mouth watering ‘’Mushroom & Swiss’’ combination of Mushrooms, swiss cheese & grilled onions.

Another scrumptious addition on the menu is ‘’ Blue Cheese Burger’’. We were fully stuffed by continuous sampling at The Stuffed Burgers, my honest opinion is that we truly enjoyed each and every flavor . Each flavor is equally delicious but with a distinction of flavors. Their sauces which are prepared at their place are roasted tomato, tomato garlic, blue cheese, the company sauce, marinara sauce.The formula and preparation of these sauces adds much delight to the burgers. Thanks to Chef Osama and owner Mr Mohammad for their kind hospitality and service by the whole staff.



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