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Few days ago we had a unique dining experience with the most delectable dishes served to us at Peruvian restaurant Ceviche . Situated in DIFC and easily located at podium level of Emirates Financial Towers. The interior gives a calm look brick walls are decently done with longitudinal framed beautiful fabric panels . Native Peruvian clothing & blankets frequently contained abstract geometrical symbols called tocapu which were located within a rectangular & square border. On clothing each topacu could be placed either in a linear or a grid pattern. It is believed that these geometrical designs denoted ethnic, political or religious status.
The LED screens are fitted on walls where the slides showing restaurant dishes keep driving your sense of taste…..till the time your order is getting ready you can even add more to your order by looking at the yummy looking food pictures there.
Chef Gonzalo Alberto gave us a very warm welcome, after going through their wide menu we agreed to try the dishes recommended by the chef. The very special Chicha Morada drink and Inca Kola ……
Inca Kola is Peru’s local carbonated drink names after the beautiful land of Inca…this mesmerizing place is famous for its heritage, sight seeing and breathtaking views of valleys and more.
And about the unusual Chicha Morada drink is made with the violet corns totally new to me…looked amazing the same healthy corn but dark violet instead of yellow….. they dry the corns and stock those hard purple corns …and the drink is prepared by boiling these corns along with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, pineapple peel & apple peel …. such a healthy mix of ingredients !
Our starters were… Ceviche Classico ( the classic Peruvian , it included raw red snapper fish in lime, onions , chilli & chunks of sweet potatoes) it was amazing the fish with lime had a great taste.
Second dish was Causa Limena it had chilled mashed potatoes , chilli cream , lime juice, it is served either with shrimp, chicken or a veg option…. We had it with avocado, tomato & ricotta chilli … chilled mashed potatoes were rolled and stuffed with avocado chilli etc. Again it was a very delicious combination prepared by the chef.
Again some most impressive and delectable main dishes were part of our menu,
Pulpo Anticuchero nicely done Octopus with baby potatoes, Octopus was soft & grilled to perfection .
Seco De Cordero in the menu it is actually braised lamb chops in coriander sauce and canario beans……. But we were lucky to have the same recipe with the gorgeous lamb shank …. I would highly recommend to try it at Ceviche so delicious , tender and juicy lamb doubled the fun with soft beans , chef had really prepared it with all its expertise great job done!
Desserts: Arroz Con Leche Y MazaMorra ….. those were fragrant rice slowly cooked in milk, cinnamon & cloves.
Another dessert Suspiro A La Limena home made Dulce de Leche with Italian meringues on top. We truly enjoyed the flavors in both sweets. Both desserts were a great wrap up of our amazing dinner. Thanks to the entire staff & chef at Ceviche.

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