Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck

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Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck is Dubai’s exciting new casual dining offering and one that is creating a well-deserved buzz among the city’s discerning gourmands who are seeking a more interactive eating venture. Located in the heart of Jumeirah at Galleria Mall on Al Wasl road, Taste of Italy marks its founder Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck’s latest restaurant opening and his first venture into the exciting world of gourmet casual dining. The new outlet is distinguishing itself through its harmonious blending of the best of Italian cuisine with an immersive experience that places customers at the very heart of the cooking action.
Taste of Italy has been set up as a dynamic culinary space where diners can watch the master chefs go about their work in the creation of sublime gastronomic offerings.
I was invited for a very special master class session with the Founder of Taste Of Italy by Heinz beck …Chef Heinz Beck who had flown in UAE last week. Many foodies had the pleasure of attending the exclusive master class with the Michelin –starred Chef. Not only they got a chance to gain much valuable tips and information on Italian dishes which the chef prepared but at the same time a very valuable and interactive question & answer session was carried out.

The dishes were sophisticated and distinctive in its taste and presentation.
Before the starters we had the variety of special breads with olive oil to munch on.
The starter was juicy and flavorful , nicely done chopped beef served on a bed of pistachio pesto alongside sundried tomatoes ‘’ Tartare Di Manzo , Pesto Di Pistacchio E Pomodori Secchi ‘’ The combination of pistachio pesto with beef was amazing.

Secondly we had ‘’ Mezzo Rigatone Con Cacio E Pepe ‘ The short Italian pasta which was served in cream cheese sauce with black pepper and the addition which made it so delicious was the specially prepared pea foam …. So simple yet distinguishing .

I opted for the most refreshing drink ‘’Venezia’’ which was a mix of clementine, ginger, sage & lime. They have a wide classy range of beverages on their menu. Taste of Italy’s menu comprises Heinz Beck’s interpretation of Italian classics, all infused with his signature Michelin star twist.

The most delightful session of any meal of course the dessert which I was waiting for …. Really impressed us with the presentation and multi flavors in one plate. ‘’Tiramisu Deconstructed’’ ….. dessert captured in chocolate shell ball , served with ice cream and small meringue bites. Truly delicious!

Visitors to the restaurant are welcomed through its expansive and inviting entrance that has been designed to reveal its open floor plan and array of culinary stations and ingredient stands. Once inside, they enter the main dining space surrounded by open kitchens and counters on all sides, including the main kitchen, pastry kitchen, bakery, delicatessen and pastry counter. The incorporation of all these elements in one space enables visitors to become an integral part of the energy of a modern haute cuisine kitchen.
Incorporating a minimalistic approach to its interior style, Taste of Italy’s décor is elegant, refined and understated. Low key lighting suffuses the subtle colours of grey, brown and black with a soft glow that affirms the restaurant’s theme – this is not a traditional style trattoria. The tall ceiling, exposed brickwork, wood paneling and effective sparse use of plants all create a light and airy ambience that works perfectly to complement the activity from the kitchens and counters, imbuing the establishment with a vibrant, contemporary feel.
Taste of Italy is open to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner; dine in or take away. A comprehensive selection of retail items available from the restaurant’s array of counters and stands also makes it possible to enjoy Heinz Beck ingredients when cooking at home. Just another exciting option that characterises the Heinz Beck experience.

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