Doner Deli – Al Barari

Passing through the lush green passages of Al Barari , Doner Deli has an easy access, though a bit isolated with some construction work as well. But as you enter the outlet a very warm welcoming smile is given by the staff. A neat and clean outlet with organized seating red glossy tables gives a vibrant look and a coffee bar on one side which also serves some desserts. This normal sized longitudinal outlet serves the most delectable sandwiches, wraps and the most rich and sumptuous veal/chicken salads , the meat which is taken out from freshly prepared shawarma meat.
The best thing is the fusion type of meals served here, Arabic & German inspired wraps and meals which attracts the meat lovers who are looking for meaty meals but with a healthy option . Doner Deli has the similar kind of offering where a meat wrap is equally stuffed with meat, lettuce, greens and your choice of dips.
They offered us the best out of their menu .I heard of their traditional Ayran drink, which is basically laban drink with mint flavor was offered to me as per my choice. I enjoyed the thick refreshing laban drink with mint flavor. You can also have it without mint. Each wrap or a bowl of salad is so good in quantity ,I think one box of salad is best & enough for two persons . The soft juicy chunks of veal with the salad / lettuce and their own recipe of honey mustard dressing was just too amazing. Loved the combination of Doner Salad, I opted veal which also had Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, onion , walnut and honey mustard dressing.
Next the Gourmet Doner Sandwich was served to us which is a bulky sandwich with original German Pita bread and richly filled with meat of your choice I opted for veal & chicken with herb yogurt sauce. The combination was so flavorful & healthy along with the lettuce, cabbage etc. My daughter selected her Doner meal which was over stuffed with chicken chunks , salad, and served with garlic sauce, both of us shared the whole meal together …. great taste! We had our food packed as could not finish all, they also have delivery service available with attractive packaging. Thanks for the yummiest food and great service.

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