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After its successful running in India, Farzi Café recently opened its doors in New City Walk Dubai. It has become a big hit in Dubai with in this short period of its opening. ‘Farzi’ means illusion, which they have introduced in their serving styles and cooking itself. You get to see an interesting molecular gastronomy styles in their dishes. Each dish has a story with it.
Farzi café is conveniently located in the extension of City Walk, very calm and relaxing ambiance with a mix of latest and traditional interior & outdoor setup. Because of its fusion cooking , it attracts a huge crowd of food lovers from all nationalities, the dishes are an interesting merge of global cuisines along with Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine has been introduced here in a very distinctive style.
Farzi Café generously offered their eccentric & tasty dishes from their menu . A long line of starters and main courses was served to us.
The very refreshing drink Chai Soda was served at first, karak chai concoction with sumac berry,topped with soda & hints of cinnamon & as you sip on it you get revitalizing feeling.
Next came the first item to start with…. What an impressive style of serving Mishti Doi ‘Yogurt Shots’ presented in a foggy bowl with fumes of dry ice. We enjoyed swallowing our mini shots, soon the second beautifully presented foamy dish came to our table,Raj Kachori with very special foam topping, crispy semolina shell filled with tangy pumpkin, sweetened yogurt ,mint sauce & covered with tamarind foam and crispy okra salad and pomegranate was garnished on the side. Kachori bites were so delightful with all its combinations.
We also got to try daal chawal in a very different style, Dal chawal aranchini..fried balls stuffed with lentil and rice served with tomato salsa ,topped with papadum, pickle mayonnaise & mint sauce. Eating daal chawal the Italian way!

Another creation at Farzi ….English +Indian …… Deconstructed Shepherd pie which includes tawa aloo seared wagyu beef,mashed potatoes ,beef chunks were tossed with clarified butter along with Indian spices , small chunks of tawa aloo & slices of beetroot . Beef was so juicy and mouth melting.

Next came the Tempura dynamite prawn kumquat tobinjon tobiko… fried prawns tossed with chilli Mayo, topped with chilli lemon air foam & fish caviar.

Another fusion which dominated Indian galouti kebab flavor in sliders.Nawabi Indian historical dish combined with burgers………Classic Galouti burger with tawa lamb boti the buns were freshly baked layered with Galouti kebab ,ghee roast mutton chunks…. The taste was amazing, loved the idea of galouti kebab with buns and mutton.

Till now we were still having our starters and so much filled up…. Now they started with their main course…. The first main course was served with all its gorgeousness….
Shawarma Biryani slow cooked leg of lamb with dum Biryani , raita & lavash bread. The serving portray the very famous Arabic shawarma look , where meat pieces were thread in a skewer and served along with biryani… meat was soft and flavorful with mild biryani tasted very good.

You can savor tremendously on both Veg & Non Veg options at farzi……

Our next dish was Aubergine moussaka …… grilled slices of aubergine & zucchini were layered garnish with wild puff rice serve with peanut sesame sauce and carom seed ( Ajwain) bread paratha .

Next was pan tossed summer vegetable Asian yellow curry khao suey ….. coconut curry with pumpkin and tossed with summer vegetables topped with basil oil. Served with steamed rice ,nut cracker ,vermicelli, lemon & wild puff rice as garnish. The coconut curry combined with rice and vegetables was so aromatic & delicious . After having lamb biryani earlier, still I couldn’t resist to try on this Khao Suey dish.

Desserts at Farzi ….. The most enchanting ones ! Rasmalai tres leches dumpling of milk ( Indian Ras Malai) layered with carrot and cream ( Indian dessert gajrella) topped with rose petal net ) the height of delight I would say!

Phirni oxide …molecular dessert arborio rice cooked along with saffron milk ,block of puff rice, liquid nitrogen, sweet condensed milk, mawa crumble and some nuts . This is the description of what this dish includes. The interesting part is when the staff prepares this interesting dessert in front of you ,with its different steps, Farzi Café allures its customers, you can spend hours in the restaurant, not only compelled with these styles but equally falling in love with those fusion flavors in each dish. The entire team at Farzi along with Head Chef Pradeep are carrying it out excellently.

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